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This Kangaroo Is Flexing and Posing Like a Bodybuilder, Definitely Lifts, Bro

This is the Pumping Iron of all animal videos.

VIDEO: Bro Flexes Muscles So Hard, He Passes the Fuck Out

Do you even lift, Bro? No one is impressed by your passing-out skills. Maybe next time, try a little harder?

Watch ‘The Mountain’ From ‘Game of Thrones’ Deadlift 994 Pounds

As the saying goes, "If the bar ain't bendin', then you're just pretendin'."

Athletes Lifting Ridiculous Amounts of Weight

Do you even lift? These Bros even lift...

Watch a High School Football Player Bench Press 225 Pounds 37 Times

Defensive tackle Breiden Fehoko is only a junior at Governor Wallace Rider Farrington High School in Honolulu, Hawaii. But he lifts, Bro. The 6'3", 275-pound

‘Do You Even Lift?’ (w/Dom Mazzetti) Asks If What You Do At the Gym Even Counts As Lifting

As it turns out, I'm definitely not lifting. I mean, I am lifting, but not according to Dom Mazzetti, the Internet's foremost authority on fitness and

‘Can You Even Lift, Bro?’ Fail of the Day

I don't know who this Bro things he is, but he can't even lift which means he's like half a Bro at the most. Do you

The Best (or Worst?) CrossFit FAIL of the Day Comes from a Chick Who Doesn’t Even Lift, Bro

This video is pretty boring, IMO, but people with strong opinions on CrossFit will probably enjoy it. This lady is doing full squats of 400 pounds

Weightlifting Bro Passes Out Trying to Deadlift 600 Pounds

Do you even lift, Bro? YouTuber MikeBURRITO wanted to see if he could deadlift 600 pounds. After he went for it, he needed a little nap.  Notes the first

‘Do You Even Lift, Bro?’: The Official Music Video… Or Something

The best bad music video you'll ever watch about a meme that's five years old, minimum. The girls running in yoga pants, however, are a

The ‘Do You Even Lift, Bro’ Prank Is Back, This Time the Victims Are Dudes Lifting in a Gym

A few months ago, YouTube prankster, Vitaly, walked around a South Florida college campus and asked people, no matter their size, "Do you even lift,

‘Do You Even Lift Bros?’ (GIF) Plus Your Best Links of the Day

Hell of a video. Now immortalized in GIF form. Via.