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DMX Didn’t Like the Internet Calling Him a Bitch, So He Rode the Sling Shot Again to Prove He’s a Badass


DMX Screaming His Face Off While Riding the Sling Shot at an Amusement Park Is Must-See Internet Gold


Good Day NY’s ‘Name That Tune’ Game Goes From Lame to Amazing With The Simple Addition of DMX Rapping ‘Suck My Dick’

For future reference, "Explicit" means it has curses in it.

Just a Llama Merrily Jumping to the Soothing Sounds of DMX

This is the happiest thing you will see all day.

Not Shocking News — Most Of The Country Doesn’t Want To See George Zimmerman Fight DMX

Last week, TMZ reported that a celebrity boxing match was on between non-convicted killer George Zimmerman and pissing enthusiast DMX. […]

DMX and George Zimmerman Have Agreed to Fight Each Other, Any Face-Peeing Will Still Be Done Without Consent

This is not a gag. What it is, however, is GREAT NEWS. According to TMZ, DMX and George Zimmerman have actually […]

DMX Singing ‘Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer’ Just Might Be the Greatest Thing Ever

Happy Holidays from DMX. Last year around this time, he provided us with this incredible performance. Let us never forget. 

DMX’s Interview with Dr. Phil Today Was Hilarious, Fascinating, and Sad

After a year that saw financial troubles, more drug problems, multiple DUI arrests, and that naked lap through a hotel hallway, DMX sat down with

Just a Video of DMX Completely Naked, Streaking Through a Hotel Hallway

Food for thought: DMX's antics have been out of control for a solid 15 years now. How long can he keep it up?

YES, IT HAPPENED AGAIN: DMX Arrested In South Carolina

Sigh... AGAIN?!?!?! He was just arrested for a DUI back in July. This time DMX was arrested for an illegal U-turn. The cops found a

Sigh… DMX Arrested for DUI…. Again

Sigh. It happened again. TMZ has the details: 

This Crafty ‘Musical Puns Medley’ Is Actually Just a Really Good Medley

Trombone Thugs N' Harmony, Bassoon 5, or Orchestruff Ryders if you want, but this just a solid, skilled compilation of songs.

DMX Loves Crack, Hates Drake

Last night DMX took the stage in NYC at SOB's and even brought out the likes of Swizz Beats to do a guest verse. A

5 New Downloads for Today: February 23

Here's the downloads for today. Check out new music from Wiz Khalifa, R3hab, Flosstradamus, DMX & MGK, and an AlwaysBeChaying guest post featuring Chris Weld's

DMX Arrested Again… This Time for Doing 102 M.P.H. In a 65

Uh-oh, Earl Simmons is in trouble again. This time for going 102 in a 65 in his Chrysler 300 on an Arizona highway.