This Video Hilariously Shows How One Cruddy DJ Can Ruin Your Entire Night Out


No one likes it when the drop on a song sucks; it puts you from "rage face" to "sad face" in.


The 10 Best Up-and-Coming DJs on the Scene


When the DJ Mag Top 100 poll comes out around this time every year, the dance music community goes into a collective frenzy trying to attribute value to each artists’ music and ranking them arbitrarily based upon votes that rarely reflect real talent.

Saturday Night Live

Andy Samberg Delightfully Destroyed EDM DJs Last Night


Find out what those guys are really doing on stage.


Las Vegas Has Awesome Rules for DJs Playing Sets After 3AM


It's about damn time someone stepped in to police overpaid DJs being lazy-asses during their sets.


This dog can DJ as well as any human can


A human and his dog engage in a DJ competition.

funny notes

Angry Neighbor Leaves Awesome Note for an Aspiring EDM DJ Who Thinks His Music Is ‘The Shiznit’


Shout-out to this angry neighbor for destroying some aspiring EDM star who thinks his button-pressing Ableton skills are something special.


Well, We Found the All-Time Worst DJ Name


Most DJ names sound pretty stupid.

that new jam

The Rave Experience in .gif Form


Summer is synonymous with festival season and it seems this year, many people are just getting their first taste of the life for the first time.

that new jam

A-Trak’s ‘Short Cuts’ Shows Real DJs Doing Their Job Really Well


DJ Enferno gets the spotlight in the series' fourth episode and your jaw will be dropped by the end of the 2 minutes.

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