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The 10 Best Up-and-Coming DJs on the Scene

When the DJ Mag Top 100 poll comes out around this time every year, the dance music community goes into a collective frenzy trying to

Andy Samberg Delightfully Destroyed EDM DJs Last Night

Find out what those guys are really doing on stage.

What DJs Do These Days: A Hilarious Video About How Silly EDM Concerts Are Sometimes

I can't stop laughing at this.

Las Vegas Has Awesome Rules for DJs Playing Sets After 3AM

It's about damn time someone stepped in to police overpaid DJs being lazy-asses during their sets. New Vegas club AFTER just posted a list of

Redditor Divulges the Personal Secrets, Sex Habits, and Drug Use of the World’s Top EDM DJs

Uh-oh. An interesting thread popped up on Reddit's Music sub earlier this week. It was an Ask Me Anything titled "I work VERY closely with DJs in

Angry Neighbor Leaves Awesome Note for an Aspiring EDM DJ Who Thinks His Music Is ‘The Shiznit’

Shout-out to this angry neighbor for destroying some aspiring EDM star who thinks his button-pressing Ableton skills are something special. The money quote? “I don’t piss

Well, We Found the All-Time Worst DJ Name

Most DJ names sound pretty stupid. This one, which isn’t real by the way, suggests his concerts could get a little grabby. And not in

The Rave Experience in .gif Form

Summer is synonymous with festival season and it seems this year, many people are just getting their first taste of the life for the first

A-Trak’s ‘Short Cuts’ Shows Real DJs Doing Their Job Really Well

DJ Enferno gets the spotlight in the series' fourth episode and your jaw will be dropped by the end of the 2 minutes.

Watch DJ Shiftee Dominate the Streets of Berlin with Awesome New DJ iPad App

There are few people who market their products better than the people over at Native Instruments and Traktor. What better way to advertise your gear

This Amazing Video Shows the Difference Between Actual DJs and Those Who Just ‘Push Play’

You may remember that big crazy sh*tstorm a few months back with proclaimed super-duper DJs getting all angry that there were a lot of people

‘Play Something Dancy: Tales of a Strip Club DJ’: Why Strippers Should Always Tip the DJ

The following excerpt is republished from Dee Simon's e-book: "Play Something Dancy: The Tragic Tales of a Strip Club DJ."

The World’s 10 Highest-Paid DJs, According to Forbes

Back in June we published a list of the 30 richest DJs in the world, according to the highly questionable lifetime gross rankings of Celebritynetworth.com.

3LAU Drops ‘Dance Floor Filth 2’

Ready to Filthy? Producer/DJ 3LAU just dropped the second installment of "Dance Floor Filth," featuring four new tracks, two re-edited tracks, and six previously released tracks. GO DOWNLOAD

Girl Learns the Hard Way to Never Mess with a DJ While He’s at the Tables

Let this be a lesson to all ravers: Sometimes the DJ wants nothing to do with your party. At Robb G's "Make It Funky" party,

deadmau5 to the World: ‘We All Press Play’

It's been a weird 72 hours for EDM. Swedish House Mafia announced their next tour will be their last. With a well-written editorial, Dancing Astronaut slammed

So… Paris Hilton’s First DJ Performance Happened

Get ready for a loud, audible groan: Last night Paris Hilton made her DJ world premiere at the POP festival in Sao Paulo, Brazil. If

Read the Leaked Concert Riders for deadmau5, David Guetta, Calvin Harris, and Afrojack

If you're an EDM fan, you might want to check out EDM Snob's list of leaked contracts and perks of many big names on the scene,

deadmau5 Disses ‘Button-Pusher’ DJs in New Rolling Stone Interview

We all know how outspoken Joel Zimmerman is and how much he likes to put other people in their place. In an exclusive cover story

The 30 Richest DJs in the World, According to One Website’s Highly Questionable Ranking

A website called Celebritynetworth.com released a list of the richest DJs in the world, according to net worth. My blogger gut instinct calls the lists'

‘Get Weird’ with Pierce Fulton on His New Monthly Radio Show

As one of the hardest working talents in EDM, Pierce Fulton seems to never take a breather. And with a propensity for producing some of

DJ Pauly D vs. Deadmau5 Beef War: Part II

Hey, look who's taking shots at Deadmau5 after being called out the other day! In a blatant cry for attention, DJ Pauly D douched it

Deadmau5 Beefs Hard with Pauly D on Twitter, Calls Him a ‘Hack’

Beef war alert! In case you missed it, last week EDM tour de force Deadmau5 blasted DJ Pauly D on Twitter, giving the Jersey Shore

14 Questions With DJ Steve Porter, ESPN’s Press Hop Mash-Up Extraordinaire

Unless you've lived under the proverbial rock the last few years, you're probably familiar with DJ Steve Porter's mash-up work for ESPN. BroBible recently caught

Five New Mixes You Should Download Immediately

Here's 5 recently released mixes from the likes of JayCeeOh, Diplo, Shlomo and more.