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BroBible Reader Sends Us His Tremendous Dizzy Bat FAIL


Shout out to the BroBible reader who e-mailed me this tremendous dizzy bat fail video.


Guy’s attempt at Dizzy Bat ends with abject failure


Dizzy bat isn't easy (shocker since drinking and spinning around in circles always seems like a sick idea).


Auburn Bro Destroys His Tailgate with a Single Game of Dizzy Bat


A BroBible reader sent us this glorious video of an Auburn Bro destroying his tailgate before the Mississippi State game with a game of dizzy bat.


Dizzy Bat FAIL Results In Girl Getting Hit in the Face


Spotted at an Iowa Hawkeyes tailgate: One crokie-wearing dizzy-batter who loses control of his bat when it comes time to swing.

dizzy bat

Drunk Bros from Ursinus College Perfecting the Art of Dizzy Bat


Bros being Bros just Bro-ing the f*ck out and playing dizzy bat next to a parking lot.

wiffle ball

Finally, a Trick-Shot Video of Sick Wiffle Ball Curves


Nothing says a carefree sunny summer afternoon like a boozy wiffle ball game in the backyard, in the park, or on the beach.

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