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Would You Rather Live in a World with No Marriage or No Divorce?

How about a hybrid solution?

Guys.. Hillary Duff Is Single

Did you know she has a child, too? 

Billionaire Stewart Rahr Celebrates Divorce by Emailing His Own Sex Tape to Friends

Stewart Rahr made a name for himself after selling his pharmaceutical company, Kinray, for $1.3 billion back in 2010. He and his (pretty dumb) yellow

The 10 Biggest Divorce Settlements Received by Men

Hey, bros? Want to make $14 million quick? How about a nine-month marriage to J Lo?

Woman Divorces Her Husband Over the Ultimate Irreconcilable Difference: His Infant-Sized Penis

This is why you don't save it for marriage, kids. Take it from this Taiwanese chick -- who had a major case of buyer's remorse

Evelyn Lozada Files for Divorce from Chad Johnson

For the record, their marriage lasted roughly half as long as the one Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries entered into for the gossip magazines.

Study: Facebook Cited As Cause of Divorce in One Out of Five Marriages

Turns out Facebook has been found to be bad for relationships. And no, this fact is not related to the awkward "Are we Facebook official?

Bro or Not Bro: Tony Parker Allegedly Cheated on Eva Longoria with a Teammate’s Wife Erin Barry

Shortly after Eva Longoria filed for divorce from Tony Parker, reports began popping up about the San Antonio Spurs point guard cheating on his

Are Tiger and Elin Woods Renegotiating their Prenup? Is This Marriage Not Over?

We mentioned this a little bit yesterday, but according to new reports, there's a serious renegotiation of Tiger and Elin Woods' prenup in the works,