Get A Glimpse Inside The Mouth Of A Man Eater As This Deadly Tiger Shark Swallows A GoPro


Though tiger sharks by nature are not man eaters, they're known for being extremely casual when it comes to choosing their next meal.


This Man Is Either A Fish Whisperer Or A Sorcerer, Grabs A Grouper By The Gills With His Bare Hands


I'm leaning towards him being a fish whisperer (specializing in Grouper) because magic is bullshit, but it's healthy to maintain a certain level of imagination, ya know.


This Is What It Looks Like To Swim Along Side 900-Pound Giant Tuna Capable Of Swimming 60MPH


This video taken off the Northern Atlantic shows a diver hopping in the water with ravenous giant Bluefin Tuna amidst a herring feeding frenzy.

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Cliff diver tries to paint sharp rocks with his brains, pulls off epic bellyflop instead


For the sake of his reputation we'll just assume this cliff diver executed the perfect near-miss of those jagged rocks and landed the epic bellyflop he was hoping for.

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We now live in a world where people fondle and cuddle man eating sharks


Did you know that we're living in a world where it's okay to hand feed, tickle, and cuddle man eating sharks.

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13 Photos Proving Olympic Divers’ Facial Expressions Are More Incredible Than Their Actual Dives


After looking at these photos, I think in 2016 the Olympics should start adding and deducting points for facial expressions made during the dive.

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Women Soccer Players Are Half as Likely to Fake an Injury As Men, Says Science


The medical journal Research in Sports Medicine recently published a study that finds women soccer players are half as likely to fake an injury than male soccer players.


UPDATED: 10 Reasons Why Underwater BASE-Jumper Guillaume Nery’s Dean’s Hole Video is Fake and Now He

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  Bros all over the world look far and wide for that next “Everest” — the epic hurdle that warrants endless high-fives.


What It’s Like to Swim with the Sharks


 Editor's Note: BroBible reader Shaken Not Stirred recently went on a shark dive in St.

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