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This Little Boy Isn’t Shy About Sharing His Displeasure With A Surprise Trip To Disney

Can't say I blame him, Disney is tired as hell.

This Disneyland Death Stare Proves Magic Kingdom Isn’t So Magical

Disneyland is the most magical place on Earth if you’re a child or mentally slow.

Watch This Belligerent Man Fight Disney Security and Get Pepper Sprayed

Disneyland deems itself as "the happiest place on Earth." However I think this gentleman would vehemently disagree with that sentiment as he was

Is Disneyland’s ‘LASERMAN’ Laser Show the Coolest/Trippiest Thing Ever or What?

You know what's awesome? Lasers. You know what's really awesome? Lasers set to kick-ass music. Disneyland has had this running show called "LASERMAN"