Two Grown-Ass Men Rode All 46 Rides At Disney In One Day…And I’m Just Sitting Here Hatin’


Two grown men that moonlight as amusement park enthusiasts managed to ride every single ride at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida in one day.


Disney Is Suing Deadmau5 Over His Mouse Head Trademark


Do you ever get Mickey Mouse confused with the EDM artist Deadmau5.

Space Mountain

Check out Disney’s Space Mountain with the lights turned on


Most of Space Mountain's intimidation factor stems from the fact the ride is in the pitch dark.

roller coaster

NFL Badass James Harrison Looks Terrified Riding a Roller Coaster


This is a vastly different reaction to roller coaster ride at an amusement park than the Rock had, but are we to really believe that James Harrison is this afraid of roller coasters.

Disney movies

Disney characters who secretly appeared in other movies


Disney is the king of the Easter egg when it comes to their movies.

Disney princesses

Check out these candid photos of Disney characters on their day off


  Working at Disney is an amazing experience but it is still a job.


‘Beauty and the Beast’ in the hood is the most brilliant idea


What if Belle from Beauty and the Beast found herself living life in the ghetto.


Service dog playing with guy in a Pluto costume on a Disney costume is an A+ dog moment


A service dog got a moment of fun while working on a Disney cruise.


Why 10 Disney Villains Are Actually Huge Bros


Disney villains are the make-believe bros we all wish we could be when we are younger.

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