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Why 10 Disney Villains Are Actually Huge Bros

Disney villains are the make-believe bros we all wish we could be when we are younger. They have the funniest lines, best sidekicks, and get

Disney Buys Lucasfilm for $4.05 Billion, Meaning Many New ‘Star Wars’ Movies Are Coming

Big news out of Hollywood today: Disney announced that it is buying Lucasfilm for $4.05 billion and will move forward to develop a new movie,

Is Disneyland’s ‘LASERMAN’ Laser Show the Coolest/Trippiest Thing Ever or What?

You know what's awesome? Lasers. You know what's really awesome? Lasers set to kick-ass music. Disneyland has had this running show called "LASERMAN"

This is One Way for Disney to Make Sure Families Buy In-Ride Photos

I'm no fan of the WWE buy I'd buy this goddamn photo every day of the week. I'm wondering if he flexed the entire ride