Dubai Woman Denied Entry To Disney World With Her Service Animal, A Baby Tiger


Disney World in Orlando is quite possibly the happiest place on Earth.

disney stars

Disney Stars Debby Ryan And Kelli Bergland Broke Out Their Bikinis And Butt Cheeks On Social Media


Continuing the long tradition of Disney stars turning into frisky folks that began in the days following Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera's exit from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Debby Ryan and Kelli Berglund dropped a couple of sexy snaps to their Instagram accounts over the weekend.

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Watch This Girl Claim A Disney Manager Sexually Harassed Her For Putting A Finger In Her… Face

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Welcome to Disney World, the happiest place on Earth, unless you're this deranged lunatic.


This Is What It Would Look Like If Men Were Disney Princesses Singing In A Music Video


Did you ever wonder what it would look like if men were Disney princesses singing in a music video.


Two Grown-Ass Men Rode All 46 Rides At Disney In One Day…And I’m Just Sitting Here Hatin’


Two grown men that moonlight as amusement park enthusiasts managed to ride every single ride at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida in one day.


Disney Is Suing Deadmau5 Over His Mouse Head Trademark


Do you ever get Mickey Mouse confused with the EDM artist Deadmau5.

Space Mountain

Check out Disney’s Space Mountain with the lights turned on


Most of Space Mountain's intimidation factor stems from the fact the ride is in the pitch dark.

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NFL Badass James Harrison Looks Terrified Riding a Roller Coaster


This is a vastly different reaction to roller coaster ride at an amusement park than the Rock had, but are we to really believe that James Harrison is this afraid of roller coasters.

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Disney characters who secretly appeared in other movies


Disney is the king of the Easter egg when it comes to their movies.

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