Dubai Woman Denied Entry To Disney World With Her Service Animal, A Baby Tiger


Disney World in Orlando is quite possibly the happiest place on Earth.

gaston push up contest

Tough Guy Challenged Gaston To Push-Up Contest At Disney World And Got His Ass Kicked


This rather pompous gent traveled to Disney World and challenged Gaston from Beauty and the Beast to a push-up contest.


Two Grown-Ass Men Rode All 46 Rides At Disney In One Day…And I’m Just Sitting Here Hatin’


Two grown men that moonlight as amusement park enthusiasts managed to ride every single ride at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida in one day.

movie trailers

A Horror Movie Was Secretly Filmed at Disney World, and Here’s the Trailer


This Disney World-set movie popped up on film nerds' radars when it premiered at Sundance this January, but there was always a decent chance no one outside Aspen would ever get to see it.

unauthorized disney movie

‘Escape from Tomorrow’ is Disney’s worst nightmare


Escape from Tomorrow is a fantasy-horror film show Disney World like you've never seen it before.


Evil Queen at Disneyland crushes response to little girl’s question


When you're working as a character at Disneyland or Disney World, you've got to be able to improv with little kids all the time.


Disney World features a race between the morbidly obese and disabled


Walt Disney's eugenics-related dreams have become reality: A video has surfaced of a Disney employee kicking off a race between the morbidly obese and disabled.

Disney World

Brett Favre Spotted at Disney World, Tourists Take Pretty Hilarious Photographs


In the midst of widespread speculation that Brett Favre—yes, 43-year-old Brett Favre—may actually sign with the Steelers or Bears, our friends at Busted Coverage have succeeded in tracking him down.


Disney’s Space Mountain Wasn’t the Happiest Place on Earth for LaMichael James


LaMichael James' face of sheer terror on Space Mountain looks a lot like mine on those mornings when I woke-up next to some hog I should not have slept with.

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