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DudeBro With GoPro Riding Dirt Bike Gets Rear Ended, Winds Up on Roof of Other Car

Unfortunate, certainly.

The Most Polite Road Rage Incident You’ll See Today

Despite what Reddit says, this video (unforunately) didn't take place in Canada. Regardless, gotta give YouTube's RlkunoFilms credit for keeping a cool head in a

Watch This Crazy Dirt Bike Ride on a Narrow, Snowy Trail

I wouldn't dare walk on this snow-covered trail, let alone take my dirt bike and go for a fun little joyride on it,

Video of a Girl Getting a Flying Dirt Bike to the Head

We've all heard of the expression, "In the wrong place, at the wrong time," I think that saying was made for this video

Dirt Bike Rider Takes Epic Spill; Takes a Tree Branch to the Face

Beautiful day to ride off-road in the desert? Check. GoPro attached to your helmet? Check. Having a one-inch diameter tree branch piece through your cheek