jurassic park

The Director Of The Fourth ‘Jurassic Park’ Movie Tweeted Out An On-Set Surprise From ‘Jurassic World’


For those of you who are unaware, a 4th Jurassic Park movie is set to release sometime in 2015.


Japanese show unleashes dinosaur on people to prank them


Dinosaurs are definitely dead but that didn't stop one Japanese game show from pranking people by unleashing a very realistic dinosaur costume on some unsuspecting dude who subsequently lost his mind.


9 of the weirdest creatures that might actually exist


We like to think that we know everything about the world, especially the animals and assorted beasts that share it with us.

Video games

It’s the ‘Jurassic Park’ game that you’ve always wanted


Thank God for diehard fans, for doing the things that so-called real-deal game makers are incapable of, for whatever reason.

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