The 4 Best Dildo Reviews On Amazon And Whether Or Not I’d Buy Them Based On The Reviews

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Contrary to popular belief I’ve never had any foreign plastic objects most likely made in China inserted into either my butthole or my vagina.

the avengers

Someone Created A Dildo Based On Every ‘Avengers’ Character And We Can’t Stop Marveling At Them


We live in a beautiful world where fans can express their fandom in just about any way possible.


Wanna Read A Story About A Guy Who Set His Kitchen On Fire By Cleaning A Dildo? Yes? Okay Here You Go.


It's all fun sexy times until someone sets your kitchen aflame while trying to clean a dildo.

the late show

Anna Kendrick Talked About Furry Dildos On ‘Letterman’ Because She’s Awesome


Anna Kendrick was on The Late Show With David Letterman last night, we assume to talk about her new movie Into The Woods, but of course with this being Anna Kendrick things went off the rails in hilarious fashion as it usually does when she appears on a talk show.

public speaking

Tennessee Tech Bro Gives The Greatest Speech Ever About Dildos


Public speaking can often be a required course at schools where some component of public speaking isn't already rolled up within your major.


Gun PSA Features Children Sword-Fighting With Mommy’s Dildos, Because Reasons


I understand the message they are trying to send here, which I think is: HOLY SHIT THE CHILDREN ARE DUMB LOCK EVERYTHING.


Cod Caught by Norwegian Fisherman Had a Dildo Inside Its Stomach


Norwegian fisherman, Bjørn Frilund, reeled in the catch of a lifetime.


Kid Pulls His Pants Down to Reveal a Dildo During a High School Homecoming Dance Assembly


If that's not an actual dildo, it's sure as shit something moonlighting as a dildo and this kid PROBABLY got the book thrown at him for whipping it out.

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