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Gun PSA Features Children Sword-Fighting With Mommy’s Dildos, Because Reasons

I understand the message they are trying to send here, which I think is: HOLY SHIT THE CHILDREN ARE DUMB LOCK EVERYTHING.

This Is (Probably) the Only Gun Safety Ad to Ever Involve Multiple Dildos

Fuck advocacy.

Cod Caught by Norwegian Fisherman Had a Dildo Inside Its Stomach

Norwegian fisherman, Bjørn Frilund, reeled in the catch of a lifetime...depending on who you are.

Miley Cyrus Tweeted Out a Photo of Her ‘Human Arm’ Dildo, Because Of Course She Did

The hand of adonis... Doesn't get any more Miley than that.

Kid Pulls His Pants Down to Reveal a Dildo During a High School Homecoming Dance Assembly

If that's not an actual dildo, it's sure as shit something moonlighting as a dildo and this kid PROBABLY got the book thrown at him for

Naked Man Walks Into A Bar With A Bag Of Sex Toys, Asks, ‘What’s The Problem?’

This is the start of a joke. 

Little Kid Finds His Mother’s Gigantic Dildo, Helicopters It,Giggles, Has a Grand Old Time

Kid is absolutely loving life. Just a boy and his mom's dildo. Nothing disturbing about that. Carry on, people. 

For the Ladies: There is a Jesus Figurine That Also Doubles as a Ceramic Dildo

The Jesus Dildo, ladies and gentleman. It's the ideal toy for every lady. Christian chicks can finally worship their didlo and not feel bad about

Two Women Arrested in Illinois for Separate D*ldo-Related Crimes

Two equally handsome women from Illinois, two equally ridiculous crimes involving rigid tools of masturbation. We'll start with Carolee Bildsten (pictured left), a 56-year-old milk maid with