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LeBron James Is Looking Super Skinny After Cutting Out Carbs from His Diet

Carbs are the enemy.

Hi, My Name Is Jake and My Fat Ass Lost 15-Pounds in 30 Days On This Diet

One man's miserable journey...

10 Fat Loss Tips for Sustainable Results

Losing fat is easy, if you know what the hell you are doing.

IIFYM: The Diet That Says You Can Basically Eat Anything You Want to Get Ripped

If It Fits Your Macros. Get learn't

Ha! New Study Finds Being a Vegetarian Isn’t Good For You

I knew it.

Science Teacher Eats Nothing But McDonald’s for 90 Days, Loses 37 Pounds

John Cisna. Iowan. Science teacher. McDonald's eater. Fat burner. HERO. 

8 Ways To Naturally Boost Your Testosterone Through The Roof

Naturally boosting your testosterone will get you so yoked that people will literally vomit on themselves as you pass by. Ok..

7 Popular Diets and the Pros and Cons to Each

Paleo, Zone, Atkins, Intermittent Fasting, Carb Back Loading, Carb Tapering, Carb Cycling Low Fat, Juicing, Furiously Touching Yourself, etc. 

Carmelo Anthony Decided to Fast for 15 Days, Is Now Hungry

If you’re a New York Knicks fan, then you probably aren’t too happy with your team’s star player going all Calista Flockhart.