What Is The IIFYM Diet And Will It Get You Shredded?

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IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros) is what would happen if moderation found calorie counting on Tinder, took calorie counting out to a nice seafood dinner, got her all liquored up, and got lucky that night.


This Is Exactly What It Is Like To Deal With A Person Who ‘Claims’ To Be Gluten Intolerant

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Allow me to preface this by saying that I have nothing against people who have Celiac Disease and actually have a legit gluten intolerance.


Watch This Female Bodybuilder Talk About Her 4,500 Calorie Diet


British pro bodybuilder Rene Campbell is jacked as hell and wins contests all the time.


This Is What Happens To Your Body When You’re On A Juice Cleanse


Ever wondered what happens to your body when you’re on a juice cleanse.


4 Nutrition Lies That Everyone Falls For


How and what to eat might be one of the most controversial topics out there.


Chris Pratt Reveals How He Got So Ripped For ‘Guardians’, Calls It ‘A Nightmare’


A couple weeks ago, we did a post of twenty actors who got absolutely jacked for movie roles.

weight loss

This Guy Lost 160-Pounds And Now He Is Showing The World His Abundance Of Loose Skin


YouTube YouTuber Obese to Beast took a 160-pound weight loss journey.

do you even lift bro

Strongman Talks About His INSANE 20,000 Calorie Diet, Can Deadlift 750-Pounds


29-year-old strongman competitor Robert Oberst is "by far" the strongest man on the West Coast.


7 Carbs That Will Not Ruin Your Diet


There are certain things in life that get a bad reputation and when it comes to fitness, carbohydrates wear the proverbial black cowboy hat.

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