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‘Janet Looks at 89 Dicks’ Is the Story of Janet Looking at 89 Dicks.

You get what you pay for.

This Guy Mortgaged His House So He Could Get Surgery To Make His Two-Inch Dick Bigger…Only To Have It Shrink Again

It's not the size of the hammer that matters, it's the nail you're throwing it at.

Your Supermarket May Have Sold You Bull Penis Instead Of Regular Meat

And they didn't even put it on sale.

The Weirdest Shit Guys Have Stuck Their Dicks In

We can't help ourselves

College Bros Leave HUGE Paper Mache Penis For Their Roommate On Spring Break

What a bunch of glorious dicks, literally. Spring is upon us, which means it's time for all those snow penises to melt until next year.

It Took 23 Years, But Someone Finally Found a Penis in ‘An American Tail: Fievel Goes West’

The average movie is shot at 24 frames per second. I assume an animated film is something similar. Maybe not, […]

How To Be A Dick At A Party

Ha. Like you need lessons. 

Steve Young Reports the Houston Texans Have the Biggest Dick in the League

No wonder they were dragging last night in Foxboro. Intrepid reporting and great insight. We expect nothing less from the Worldwide Leader.

The Marine Corps Marathon Course is Highlighted by a Giant Penis

If there’s one thing we love around here, it’s starting our mornings off with a little juvenile humor.

Why Being a Dick is Necessary

On this past episode of “This American Life,” ultimate Bro Ira Glass affectionately eulogized his friend, recently deceased writer David Rakoff, like so: “He was