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This Man Was Born Without A Penis And Yet Has Somehow Bedded 100 Women


Andrew Wardle is a 40-year-old man from Greater Manchester who was born without a penis.

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Can You Figure Out Why The Internet Is Freaking Out Over This Hot News Anchor’s Shirt?


It’s one of those things where once you see it, you can’t un-see it.

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This Guy Drew A New Dick Every Day On Snapchat For A Year And Documented It Into A Video


The best part about using Snapchat is being randomly surprised with dicks at any given moment.


This Kid’s Dick Was So Big That He Had To Get A Penis REDUCTION Surgery In Order To Be Able To Have Sex

By | 3 Comments

I’m obviously not a dude (unless naming baby boys “Rebecca” is a new trend that I’m currently unaware of), but from my experience most guys wish their dicks were bigger.


Ever Wonder What Women Think About Your Penis? Then Watch This Video Where A Girls Sit Down And Discuss Your Junk


BREAKING NEWS: Women are just as clueless about the male genitalia as men are clueless about female.


It’s Official: Circumcision Is Good For You


Circumcision is good, the government said today.

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