dick pics

Comedian Jim Norton Explains How To Send The Perfect Dick Pic


New Jersey comedy legend Jim Norton talks about his dick A LOT -- The first episode of his show with VICE has an entire segment just about touching it.


Girl DESTROYS A Douchebag Who Texted Her An Unsolicited Dick Pic


  You have to be a real jerk to text a girl a dick pic right out of the gate.

dick pics

Allow Edward Snowden To Explain How The NSA Is Keeping All Your Dick Pics To John Oliver


John Oliver's Last Week Tonight tonight might only air once a week, but it's quickly becoming the best news show on television.

how to take dick pics

Girl Gives Bros Ultimate Guide On Taking Dick Pics On Snapchat


There are plenty of "Do's" and "Don'ts" in the wondrous world of dick pic sharing.


This Is Exactly How Women React When Guys Send Them Weird Dick Pics


If you think that women swoon over the sight of your dick squished down to fit onto their phone screen, think again.

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This Girl Uses Nike+ To Draw Dicks When She Runs


This might be the only way to get me to go for a run.


Bros, Ditch The Dick Pics, Here’s What Girls ACTUALLY Want You To Send Them


My inbox is overflowing with penises that I never asked for.


Creepiest Doctor Ever Sent Naked Selfies To Patients and Allegedly Beat Off To Medical Images


You don't want your surgeon rocking serious wood during the procedure.

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A Georgia Court Has Ruled Sending Unsolicited Dick Pics Is Legal


A Georgia court has determined that a man accused of sending an unsolicited dick pic to a woman did not violate state law by doing so.


The 10 Dos and Don’ts of Dick Pics


Madeleine Holden is the Founder of Critique My Dick Pic (Ed.


The Founder of ‘Critique My Dick Pic’ Gave Some Advice Today on How to Send a Great Dick Pic


Today I learned there's a Tumblr called Critique My Dick Pic (NSFW unless your job is running a Tumblr called Critique My Dick Pic).

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