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Bros, Ditch The Dick Pics, Here’s What Girls ACTUALLY Want You To Send Them

My inbox is overflowing with penises that I never asked for.

Creepiest Doctor Ever Sent Naked Selfies To Patients and Allegedly Beat Off To Medical Images

You don't want your surgeon rocking serious wood during the procedure.

A Georgia Court Has Ruled Sending Unsolicited Dick Pics Is Legal

A Georgia court has determined that a man accused of sending an unsolicited dick pic to a woman did not […]

The 10 Dos and Don’ts of Dick Pics

Madeleine Holden is the Founder of Critique My Dick Pic (Ed. Note: We'll be linking to some photos of dicks here, which are probably NSFW)

The Founder of ‘Critique My Dick Pic’ Gave Some Advice Today on How to Send a Great Dick Pic

Today I learned there's a Tumblr called Critique My Dick Pic (NSFW unless your job is running a Tumblr called Critique My Dick Pic).