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Is This Dude Perfect’s Most Insane Trick Shot Video Ever?

What happens when Dude Perfect partners up with our favorite YouTube auteur, Devin Graham? Sparks fly and viral video magic happens. Dude Perfect was given

Ziplining Off a 60-Foot Cliff Into a Lake Looks FUN

Tough to stomach the sickening news out of Connecticut right now. I think we could all use a distraction and a little levity right now. Thus, here's a

Wake Boarding in a Canal with a Jeep Wrangler Looks FUN.

Wake boarding in a canal isn't anything new, but it's looks pretty fun. Thus, here's another bucket list item, courtesy of Devin Graham. 

Just an Incredible Video of a Mountain Biker Getting His Rocks Off In Moab

No. Not like that. Another month, another fantastic video by the YouTube auteur of our time, devinsupertramp. His latest video captures professional mountain