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This Dude Does Not Give One F That His Car’s Hood Is Blocking His View of the Freeway

Nope, he just keeps plugging along. There are a few possibilities here. One is that his car is on its […]

Michigan State QB Recruit Jayru Campbell Body Slammed a High School Security Guard

"No Guts - No Glory" says Jayru Campbell's right and left biceps about this incident and ALL INCIDENTS henceforth.  These videos below allegedly show Campbell, a 4-Star Michigan State Football recruit,

The Booty Lounge, Detroit’s Mobile Strip Club, Returns to Lions Game Tailgates

Our national nightmare is over. God bless America, God bless Detroit... 

Eddie Huang Pees in Public, Gets Big Baby Burgers with Danny Brown

Funfetti cake and Cheeto-fried chicken enthusiast Eddie Huang is back with another season of his cooking/travel show Fresh Off the Boat. Huang helms the show like

It Sure Looks Like a Detroit News Station Showed a Corpse Floating in a Lake

This is a little disconcerting.

Angry Detroit Citizen, Melinda Brown Duncan, Explodes on Reporter Becoming Our New Charles Ramsey

Move over Charles Ramsey, there is a new hero in town. Or rather, in Detroit. Her name is Melinda Brown Duncan, and although she communicates

Breaking News: Detroit Won’t Host the 2024 Olympic Games

Detroit Mayor Dave Bing yesterday put an end to non-existent speculation Detroit would bid on the 2024 Olympic Games. He cited a current crippling financial

Detroit Brothers Dig Up Dead Father in Hopes of Miracle Resurrection

These dudes are eternal optimists.

Detroit Firefighter Wore Helmet Cam For All of 2012, Then He Made an 8-Minute Highlight Reel

This dude is all balls. In fact, anyone that follows him into these infernos is doing just fine in the testicle department. A few of

Police Warn People to ‘Enter Detroit At Their Own Risk,’ Say They Can’t Guarantee Protection

Detroit police did a hell of a job yesterday scaring the living sh*t out of people who just wanted to enjoy a playoff baseball game.

Minnesota Newscasters Left Speechless When Kate Upton Cat Daddy Video Plays on the Air

Classic blooper from KMSP in Minneapolis-St. Paul. While discussing Justin Verlander's Kate Upton jinx last week, the station broadcast her now-infamous "Cat Daddy" video with Uncle Terry. 

Watch a Dude Golf Through the Entire City of Detroit

Charlie LeDuff is a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter for Fox 2 in Detroit, Michigan. He recently played a round of golf like no other – a

This Dude from Detroit ‘Don’t Take No Orders From No Women’

Ihor Stetkewycz of Warren, Michigan does what he wants, damnit! He does what he wants! Even if it's illegally dumping logs on busy streets. And

Argument Over Who Makes Better Kool-Aid Leaves Two People With Bullet Wounds

I’ve had the good fortunate of spending a lot of time in Detroit over the years. For the record, everything those Chrysler commercials says is

Brawl Breaks Out at a Buffet in Detroit’s Motor City Casino Hotel

This is one of those "of course it did" headlines. Just an obvious event given Detroit's sordid reputation. But to be honest, I

9 Cars You Need to Know About from the 2012 Detroit Auto Show

Every January I look forward to keeping tabs on what's getting revealed at Detroit's annual North American International Auto Show. For me, the Detroit

Here’s Clips from a Documentary that Chronicles Detroit Firefighters

Being a firefighter is one of the most courageous career path a person can persue. Purposely running into a building that is a smoldering inferno

Sadly, Detroit’s BootyLounge Mobile Strip Club To Be Banished From Lions Tailgating Areas

The Detroit Lions are in full-roar right now, with Matthew Stafford and company leading the team to a 3-0 start. However, there's a

Raw Footage: Suspect Escapes From Handcuffs and Police Car

Detroit resident, Quincy Alexander is a f*ckin' magic man. He's also apparently a fan of heroin, but lets focus on the positives. Not only did