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The Detroit Lions Basically Gave Up on Life on This Play (GIF)

The Lions were eliminated from playoff contention last week and they have literally packed it in. 

Joique Bell’s Raise The Net Touchdown Celebration is Already Today’s Best

I'm sure this has already been done before, but never in the snow. 

The Booty Lounge, Detroit’s Mobile Strip Club, Returns to Lions Game Tailgates

Our national nightmare is over. God bless America, God bless Detroit... 

Detroit’s Fake Field Goal Attempt Was About As Fail As Possible

This is delightful. 

This Bears Fan Is Pumped Calvin Johnson Just Scored

I'm guessing he's got Calvin Johnson in fantasy. 

YES! Matthew Stafford Was Mic’d Up For His Game-Winning Drive

In a superb confluence of events, Matthew Stafford was mic'd up for his game-winning drive against the Dallas Cowboys yesterday. 

Just Tim Allen in a Full Detroit Lions Uniform Saying ‘F*ck the Giants’

Say what you want about Tim Allen, but the Tool Man is an excellent nickname. It conjures up images of a man so deep in

Calvin Johnson and Dez Bryant Are Better at Football Than You (A Story in Two GIFs)

The two best wide receivers in football are going against each other and they are not disappointing. 

Watch Matt Stafford Unathletically Stumble and Fall After Throwing a Pick

Talk about adding insult to injury.

Calvin Johnson Leaps Over 3 Defenders For Insane Touchdown Catch

Calvin Johnson. There are no words. His leaping grab over three Cincinnati Bengals defenders knotted the game at 24 and made the entire world wonder

Let’s All Point and Laugh at This Brandon Weeden Interception

Did you guys know Brandon Weeden turns 30 tomorrow? Well, he does. And with age comes maturity. You learn from past mistakes and tackle life’s

Detroit Lions TE Joseph Fauria Continues Stellar Touchdown Dance Tradition

Detroit Lions rookie tight end Joseph Fauria is making quite a name for himself. He’s the guy who busted out that memorable N’Sync

Nate Burleson Breaks Arm Protecting His Pizza

We have ALL been there before; driving home, anxious to get the pizza we just picked up on to our table, while the topping are still hot and the

Matthew Stafford Was Very Scared of an Unexpected Snap

God, imagine how unpleasant his vinegar strokes must be. You generally don’t see a Bro this terrified outside of a forced Sunday trip to Crate

Detroit Lions TE Joseph Fauria Does Rare ‘Bye, Bye, Bye’ Touchdown Dance

You’ve likely never heard of rookie Detroit Lions tight end Joseph Fauria, so allow me to introduce him. He’s the guy with the N’Sync Bye,

Here’s the Moment a Cleveland Browns Fan Decided to Go Streaking

The Cleveland Browns suck. Because of this, their fans are forced to come up with new and inventive ways to have fun at the games.

Calvin Johnson Sets Single-Season Receiving Record, Is Astoundingly Good

Calvin Johnson continued his assault on the record books last night by surpassing Jerry Rice’s single-season receiving yardage mark.

Which NFL Teams Deserve Coal in Their Stockings?

The NFL playoffs are far from inclusionary. If you mightily suck for 17 weeks, you don’t get the privilege of competing for the Vince Lombardi

Who Made a Better One-Handed Grab: Jason Avant or Kris Durham?

Just a couple of sick one-handed grabs by unheralded wide receivers yesterday.

Official Monday Night Football Drinking Game: Detroit Lions vs. Chicago Bears

Matthew Stafford leads the Detroit Lions into Chicago to face the Bears tonight in a pivotal NFC North showdown. Jay Cutler will be pissy, Calvin

Check Out Percy Harvin Return a Kickoff 105 Yards, Plus Other Week Four Highlights

Percy Harvin is a god.

Calvin Johnson Can Hit Home Runs Too

All-Everything wide receiver Calvin Johnson wandered across the street from Ford Field to take a little batting practice before the Detroit Tigers game last night.

And the Madden NFL 13 Cover Player is …

Drum roll, please …

Detroit Lions Center Dominic Raiola Cant Stop Saying That His Team Needs to ‘Grow the F*ck Up’

During a rant to the media this week, Detroit Lions center Dominic Raiola gave new meaning to the phrase "offensive linemen." In only

Now Taking Bets On How Much Ndamukong Suh’s Fine Will Be For Cleat-Stomping Evan Dietrich

In case you missed it, here's Lions’ defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh cleat-stomping Packers guard Evan Dietrich-Smith. We're ready to hedge bets on how

Here’s Tim Tebow Getting Tebowed By Lions Linebacker Stephen Tulloch After Getting Sacked

Tebowing! It's the hot new craze. All the kids are doing it, including Lions linebacker Stephen Tulloch, who sacked Tebow in the flesh

Watch the Weird Jim Harbaugh-Jim Schwartz Fight At The End Of the Lions’ Loss to the 49ers

In case you haven't heard, Jim Harbaugh and Jim Schwartz had a weird dust-up at the end of today's 49ers - Lions game.

Watch the Lions at the Detroit Zoo Trample (Sorta) A Chicago Bears Figurine

This video represents everything I love about the month of October. NFL fanbases sh*t-talking. Fantasy league members sh*t-talking. Baseball fanbases sh*t-talking. College fanbases

The Detroit Lions are Hot, But the Detroit Pride Cheerleaders are Hotter

The upstart Detroit Lions are the talk of the NFL with their surprising 3-0 record and an offensive attack that's averaging 33-points a game. What

Sadly, Detroit’s BootyLounge Mobile Strip Club To Be Banished From Lions Tailgating Areas

The Detroit Lions are in full-roar right now, with Matthew Stafford and company leading the team to a 3-0 start. However, there's a

Watch the Detroit Lions Coach Jim Schwartz Scream ‘Boom! Mother F*cker!’ After Winning In OT

What an incredible win this afternoon for Detroit in OT against the Vikings. Here's Jim Schwartz coming through with the game-winning coach reaction

VIDEO: Detroit Lions Center Dominic Raiola Tells Fans To ‘Suck His…’

You're an intelligent human being, you can fill in the blank. Yesterday the Lions center had some choice

Here’s a Video of Detroit Lions Third String Quarterback Drew Stanton Doing the ‘Dougie’

Drew Stanton, the Lions’ third-string quarterback, scored first in today's game against the Chicago Bears. Here's a video of him doing the

Justin Tuck Sits Down at Subway to Talk Football, Flow, and Five-Dollar-Footlongs

Earlier this week AZ and I were invited to a Subway restaurant to get some face-time in with

The Funniest Fan Video Reactions to the Calvin Johnson Call and Detroit Loss

There's already 11 comments on the story just posted about the incomplete pass call on the Calvin

VIDEO: Should Calvin Johnson’s Apparent Game-Winning Touchdown Have Been Ruled Incomplete?

I still don't understand this effing rule. You catch a touchdown, you get both feet down inside the