George Washington’s New Basketball Court is Awesome


George Washington basketball just hasn’t been the same since Pops Mensah-Bonsu left.

virtual tape measure

Rugged AR Case turns your iPhone into a tape measure


There's no shortage of iPhone cases out there, ranging from the useful to the hideous to the goofy.

wrist computer

Stormfly puts a computer on your wrist, lets you browse undetected at work


A lot of technology, right now, is focused on dragging your computer around with you in smaller forms.

wraparound sunglasses

Popticals: Wraparound sunglasses just got a lot more compact


Wraparound sunglasses are pretty important to outdoorsy types, sports players, and other people who need total protection from the rays of the sun.

Sensei table

Sensei: Two chairs that turn into a coffee table


If you have an apartment, you likely also have the problem of being low on space, yet needing furniture that will fit into your house.

survival gear

Knottology makes survival bracelets with more than just paracord


Paracord bracelets are fairly common at this point among campers, hikers, and other people who need a strong, light, cord in an easy to carry package.


Heat-sensitive furniture tells you exactly where the warm spot is


We've all looked, on a cold day, for the warmest place to sit in a coffee shop or bar.

wine storage

Concrete wine bunkers are clever, functional


As you might be able to tell, making stuff out of concrete that isn't a garage or a massive Brutalist public works project (or both) is catching on with the artsy-craftsy crowd.


Harp folding toolkit adds style to the Swiss Army knife


I'm of the firm belief that every man should have a multitool of some form on his person.


Hop!: A suitcase that follows you


Robots promise to be labor saving devices, in the future.


Bang and Olufsen’s new wireless speaker is gorgeous, expensive


Bang and Olufsen are purveyors of fine luxury audio-video products, which is a market that exists, mostly to create furniture for movie sets and bankers from '80s Hollywood thrillers.

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