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CBS News Congratulated Deceased Actor Michael Jeter on His Last All-Star Game

What a career.

Classy Derek Jeter Gets Classy Moment at All-Star Game, Is Classiest in His Class

Classy guy.

This Derek Jeter Tribute Video is Extremely Cheesy, So Why Do I Feel All Emotional?

Hat tip.

Derek Jeter Invalidated Every Item on His Scouting Report on One Play

Lies. Filthy lies.

TV Cameras Caught Hot Yankees Fan Trying to Take A Selfie, Or Ten

She's really getting after it. Dominating the various angles as one should when trying to capture the perfect picture of one's own face.

Overly Eager Fan Tries to Steal Derek Jeter Souvenir Ball from Kid

We'll give this lady the benefit of the doubt.

Derek Jeter Will Retire After 2014 Season

Facebook fan and New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter will hang up his cleats after this season. The future Hall […]

Derek Jeter Is Back, As Evidenced By This Amazing Hit

Derek Jeter put on a New York Yankees jersey today for the first time since breaking his ankle during last year’s American League Championship Series.

Zombie Apocalypse Dream Team: Athletes Edition

Imagine waking up to a world that is dead silent. Nothing is moving. Everything you took for granted is gone. No family. No friends. Just

Alex Rodriguez Needs Surgery, Will Miss Significant Time

The left side of the New York Yankees’ infield is broken. And old. And rich.

New York Post Reports That Derek Jeter Is a Fatso

Whether you love or hate the New York Post, you’ve got to admit that they refuse to change. We got reminder No. 293 of that

Donald Trump May Be the World’s Greatest Troll, As Evidenced from These Great Derek Jeter Tweets

Donald Trump is a very rich man. And because very rich men no longer have to spend all their time figuring out how to reach

Watch Derek Jeter Fracture His Ankle and Yankee Stadium Turn Deathly Silent

Game One of the American League Championship series will go down in history for myriad reasons. It featured the New York Yankees erasing a four-run

MLB Rumor Mill: Derek Jeter Out for Year for Sex-Change Operation, Nationals Moving Back to Montreal

What an eventful afternoon in the world of Major League Baseball. Legally, I have to inform you that none of it’s true. It was all

Watch Derek Jeter’s Blooper Reel for Tri-State Ford Commercials

Since moving to New York, I've started to actively look forward to the Tri-State Ford ads with Derek Jeter, to the point where I will

Our Bro of the Week Wrote an Epic Must-See Letter to His Cheating Ex-Girlfriend

So this is it. The last Bro of the Week for 2011. It was shaping up to be arguably the worst one of the entire

Derek Jeter Sends His One-Night Stands Home with Signed Jeter Memorabilia, ‘Usually a Baseball’

Today the New York Post has the best Jeter hook-up story in recent memory. Atta boy, #2...

The Top Ten Rebound Chicks that Derek Jeter Should Date

Derek Jeter is back on the market after he and Minka Kelly broke up. Now women from Bangor, Maine to Tuc*mcari, New Mexico think

Best Links of the Web for August 25, Presented By Minka Kelly, Who’s Not Dating Derek Jeter Anymore

Just as today's Daily Buzz was going to press, we learn via @JimmyTraina that Derek Jeter and Minka Kelly have called it a quits. Woah.

Watch the Trailer for HBO Sports Derek Jeter 3K Trailer Documentary

Tomorrow night at 9 P.M. HBO Sports will premiere "Derek Jeter 3k," it's intimate, behind-the-scenes look at Jeter's quest for 3000 hits. Check

Guy Rants About Derek Jeter Not Playing in the All-Star Game

Derek Jeter has decided to sit out of the All-Star game. Who gives a sh*t, right? After all these years, he's earned that

Derek Jeter’s 3,000th Hit Called by Harry Caray (Ryan Dempster)

A few weeks back we posted a video of Ryan Dempster Harry Caray-ing his way through the Cubs starting line-up. Well, here is another video

Derek Jeter’s Trenton Thunder Uniform: Refreshingly Patriotic or Horrific Disgrace to Old Glory?

After rehabing a calf injury the last few weeks, Derek Jeter last night returned to the Yankees' line-up against Cleveland, going 0-for-4 in his leadoff spot.

Derek Jeter’s $20 Million Dollar NYC Bachelor Pad Looks Like a Sweet Place to Party

In case you haven't noticed, we've spearheaded a weekly showcase of blingtastic celebrity homes each Wednesday. It's evolving into somewhat of a regular real estate

Minka Kelly Flips Out on Plane Over Dog, Asks Derek Jeter to Speak with Pilot

A Gawker tipster right now is reporting that Minka Kelly just staged a total freakout on a JFK-LAX flight because flight attendants wouldn't let her