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Watch Denzel Washington Laughing in Movies, Realize He Plays the Same Character ALL THE TIME

Hot inter-office debate of the moment: Does Denzel Washington play practically the same character in every movie? After this supercut and the one

Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg Discuss a Harrowing Encounter with a Bull on the Set of ‘2 Guns’

Washington. Wahlberg. BOOM. In 2 days, 2 Guns hits theaters as one of the summer's most highly anticipated buddy action flicks. 2 Guns is about DEA

‘Give Us All Our Daughters Back,’ Is a Rather Stereotypically Genius Action Movie Spoof

The SNL train really kept rolling last night. Here's their fusion of every over-the-top action movie made recently, featuring the most hilarious idiosyncracies of Liam

Denzel Washington Tries to Stop an ‘Unstoppable’ Train

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