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Watch Denzel Washington Laughing in Movies, Realize He Plays the Same Character ALL THE TIME

Hot inter-office debate of the moment: Does Denzel Washington play practically the same character in every movie? After this supercut and the one we posted

Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg Discuss a Harrowing Encounter with a Bull on the Set of ‘2 Guns’

Washington. Wahlberg. BOOM. In 2 days, 2 Guns hits theaters as one of the summer's most highly anticipated buddy action flicks. 2 Guns is about DEA

‘Give Us All Our Daughters Back,’ Is a Rather Stereotypically Genius Action Movie Spoof

The SNL train really kept rolling last night. Here's their fusion of every over-the-top action movie made recently, featuring the most hilarious idiosyncracies of Liam

Denzel Washington Tries to Stop an ‘Unstoppable’ Train

This weekend's slate of new movies is highlighted by Denzel Washington and Chris Pine in "Unstoppable," and not only does it have an 86% rating