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8 Most Badass Denzel Washington Movie Moments


King Kong really doesn't have anything on him.


This 50 Cent audition video is funny as hell


No matter what you think of 50 Cent's rap skills, you have to admit dude can sure cry on cue.


Watch Denzel Washington Laughing in Movies, Realize He Plays the Same Character ALL THE TIME


Hot inter-office debate of the moment: Does Denzel Washington play practically the same character in every movie.

transformers trailer

Mark Wahlberg addresses Dinobots in ‘Transformers 4′


We've been anxiously waiting to learn if the Dinobots make an appearance in Transformers 4.

Tracy Morgan

Denzel and Marky Mark are best buddy cops in ‘2 Guns’ red band trailer


The 2 Guns red band trailer steps up the banter and the action.

Mark Wahlberg

‘2 Guns’ trailer features Denzel and Marky Mark at their best


Two of Hollywood's best cops are teaming up in a new movie.

Tommy Lee Jones

Who wins the Oscar for best GIF?


Who wins the 2013 Academy Award for best GIF.


Budweiser is pissed at Denzel for drinking their beer


AB-InBev is not happy about their beer's prominent role in the movie Flight.

where did movie stars start

11 movie stars who got their start on TV


The next time you’re watching TV take a moment to consider the possibility that the low-rent star you’re watching today just might end up winning multiple Oscars tomorrow.

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Denzel Washington Tries to Stop an ‘Unstoppable’ Train


This weekend's slate of new movies is highlighted by Denzel Washington and Chris Pine in "Unstoppable," and not only does it have an 86% rating on RottenTomatoes.

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