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Peyton Manning is the World’s Most Phenomenal Dancer

What an athlete.

LEGO Reenactment of Super Bowl 48 as Painful To Watch as Actual Game

I’m not a Denver Broncos fan but my favorite team was once on the business end of a Super Bowl […]

Guess Which Website Denver Fans Visited Right After the Super Bowl Loss?

Right after Denver blew their load all over the field at Super Bowl 48, Denver fans took to the internet to…you see where we’re going

Eli Manning Is the Saddest Broncos Fan Ever

Eli Manning face made an appearance at the Super Bowl. Most despondent look ever. But do you think secretly he's happy that he has more

Jimmy Fallon Had Adorable Puppies Prognosticate the Super Bowl

And the winner will be?

Bro Fired For Wearing Broncos Jersey To Work — Guess Where He Works?

A teen in Tacoma, Washington lost his job over the weekend. He was sent home for wearing a Broncos jersey, his favorite team, instead of

Here’s What It Was Like To Skydive Into the AFC Championship Game

The Denver Broncos have an official parachute team because FOOTBALL IS KING. The group is worth every penny for providing this awesome footage of their

CBS Cameras Capture Denver Broncos Mascot Being Held Down by The Man

The NFL prides itself on being an orderly organization. Players must play within the rules and carry themselves in a way that respects The Shield. 

Tom Brady Just One-Upped John Wall in the No-Look Play Game (GIF)

The other day, John Wall put up this circus shot that went in. 

Get Hyped for Today With This ‘Game of Thrones’-Style NFL Championship Week Promo

This comes via Austrian TV (and also via Deadspin) and it is here to get you fired up for this weekend's games. 

The NFL Conference Championship Weekend Picks Need No Buildup

Things couldn’t have worked out any better for the NFL this weekend. You couldn’t have picked better games for them based on which teams made

Chargers Fans Beat the Shit Out of Broncos Fan Wearing Peyton Manning Jersey

This is how you dull the pain of a season-ending loss. Yet again, violence is the best -- and only! -- answer.

Peyton Manning Won a Playoff Game, Couldn’t Wait to Drink a Bud Light

Peyton Manning listened for two weeks as people pointed toward his less-than-stellar track record in playoff openers. He answered by leading the Denver Broncos past

It Appears To Be Somewhat Windy in Denver

It is windy in Denver, so windy that the United States Army is having trouble presenting the colors. 

Today in Crushing Return Blocks: The Broncos’ Steve Vallos Getting Absolutely Wrecked

There's almost no point in debating the legality of hits anymore. Obviously every NFL player is aware of the rules and no one (Brandon Merriweather,

Here’s Peyton Manning Relaxing in a Cold Tub While Wearing a Helmet and Using an iPad

If you were hanging out in a hot tub and some dude showed up with a football helmet and iPad, you’d likely be a little

Matt Prater Booted a 64-Yard Field Goal

Matt Prater set an NFL record by kicking a 64-yard field goal in the Denver Broncos’ win over the Tennessee Titans. That’s damn impressive, even

Knowshon Moreno’s Crawling Set to Morgan Freeman Talking About Andy Dufresne Crawling Through Shit

Press play on the video below, then scroll down and watch the GIF. 

Knowshon Moreno Cried Harder Than Any Man’s Ever Cried Before

Denver Broncos running back Knowshon Moreno was extremely moved during today’s National Anthem. CBS cameras captured him not so much crying, but rather releasing gallons

Reports: Broncos Coach To Miss One Month

Yesterday brought news that Denver Broncos head coach John Fox may have suffered a possible heart attack

Hero Punter Pat McAfee Tested for Steroids After Making Tackle

The NFL’s drug-testing program is supposed to be random. But Indianapolis Colts punter Pat McAfee is wondering if his devastating tackle last night has anything

Denver Broncos’ Danny Trevathan Already Turned in the Boneheaded Play of the Year

Denver Broncos linebacker Danny Trevathan channeled his inner Leon Lett last night when he inexplicably dropped the football in celebration before crossing the goal line

Here are All Seven of Peyton Manning’s Touchdowns

Peyton Manning tied an NFL record by throwing for seven touchdowns last night in the Denver Broncos’ rout of the Baltimore Ravens. SEVEN! Never has

The Official NFL Kickoff Drinking Game: Baltimore Ravens vs. Denver Broncos


Wes Welker Joins the Denver Broncos

The Wes Welker era in New England is over. Gisele Bundchen must be so happy.

What’s With All the Guarantees in Sports?

Six months before the NFL season kicks off, Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller has guaranteed a Super Bowl. His hashtag-filled tweet will make the rounds

Knowshon Moreno Hurdled Ed Reed Like a Boss

Denver Broncos running back Knowshon Moreno treated Baltimore Ravens star safety Ed Reed like a living hurdle and, of course, the footage was captured in

Watch Matt Schaub Get Absolutely Decked by Joe Mays

Just a brutal play in the third quarter of the Broncos-Texans game today—Matt Schaub gets decked by linebacker Joe Mays, his helmet flies off, and

Tim Tebow Has Changed His Dog’s Name from Bronco to Bronx

Stop the presses. Tim Tebow has changed his dog’s name from Bronco to Bronx. I always knew he had a lot in common with Pete

Brian Dawkins Retires, Leaves Behind Video of Violent Hits

Brian Dawkins has retired from the NFL. For 16 seasons, the safety absolutely destroyed everything in his path. Dawkins spent 13 years with

One Man’s Courageous Quest to be a Denver Broncos Cheerleader

To keep things interesting between action on the field during NFL games teams recruit sexy, leggy women to parade on the sidelines to

Pat Robertson Says Denver Broncos Deserve Peyton Manning Injury

For some reason, television evangelist and squat machine enthusiast Pat Robertson weighed in on the Tim Tebow trade. It was predictably stupid.

News Anchor Drops F-Bomb When She Hears That Peyton Manning Will Sign with Broncos

Not everybody was happy to hear that Peyton Manning would be signing with the Denver Broncos.

BREAKING: Peyton Manning Intends to Play for Denver Broncos

Peyton Manning has directed his agent to get a deal done with the Denver Broncos, ESPN’s Chris Mortensen is reporting. The parameters of a five-year,

Peyton Manning Won’t Join Miami Dolphins, Will Work Out for Denver Broncos

Peyton Manning won’t be taking his talents to South Beach. The four-time NFL MVP told the Miami Dolphins they were out of running to land

A Bro Wants to Know: Do You Want Tim Tebow to Fall from Grace?

Tim Tebow and adult entertainment stars under one roof in Las Vegas. This story has all the makings of a world-class scandal, if you were

Listen to ‘All He Does Is Win,’ the Tim Tebow Skip Bayless DJ Porter Remix

People are starting to surrender their disbelief for Tim Tebow after he pulled out another 4th quarter victory on Sunday against the Chicago

Tim Tebow Is Truly a Miracle Worker

7-1. How could you possibly still be agnostic about this guy after ANOTHER fourth quarter like that? Tim Tebow has us all speaking

Someone Made a Tim Tebow Movie Trailer

I'm starting to think I'm the only guy in America NOT bobbing for Tebow's balls. Seriously, the country's hard-on for this guy has

Watch Tim Tebow’s Miraculous 20-Yard Game-Winning Touchdown Run

Take a knee, folks. But before you do, pour yourself an icy cold glasses of Sunday School-appropriate Tebow juice. Because the almighty Mile