super bowl 48

LEGO Reenactment of Super Bowl 48 as Painful To Watch as Actual Game


I’m not a Denver Broncos fan but my favorite team was once on the business end of a Super Bowl ass beating.

Denver Broncos

Guess Which Website Denver Fans Visited Right After the Super Bowl Loss?


Right after Denver blew their load all over the field at Super Bowl 48, Denver fans took to the internet to…you see where we’re going with this post.

Pete Carroll GIFs

This Pete Carroll GIF was probably the best moment of the Super Bowl


The Seahawks capped off an amazing Super Bowl performance by showering coach Pete Carroll with Gatorade.

Shaun Phillips

This text exchange between a Broncos player and his son will tear at your heartstrings


Broncos defensive end Shaun Phillips was understandably upset after the game.

Seattle Seahawks

These Super Bowl memes are more entertaining than the game


The internet wasted no time turning the Broncos loss into a meme.

Super Bowl

Eli Manning Is the Saddest Broncos Fan Ever


Eli Manning face made an appearance at the Super Bowl.

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