Enough is enough, it’s time to nuke Denmark


The time is now, it is our duty to act before this threat reaches a global level: we must nuke Denmark.

sexy bodypaint

Sexy Danish model in body paint has me wondering why I’ve never been to Denmark


The women of Denmark hold reputation as being some of the most beautiful in the world, and after watching this video I have to admit I'm a believer.


Sick European Handball Goal? Sick European Handball Goal


Handball hasn't quite caught on in the United States the same way it has in other countries.


Topless women used to slow down drivers in Denmark


Can boobs solve Denmark's speeding problem.


Swedish and Danish Soccer Hooligans Have Insane Fistfight in Middle of Road


The people of Scandinavia are usually an agreeable bunch -- except, of course, the soccer hooligans, who think with their fists instead of their brains.

Jay Z

Some Guy Slapped Beyonce’s Ass During a Concert


Who among us hasn’t wanted to give Beyonce a healthy slap on her healthy backside.


This Beach Soccer Goal May Melt Your Face Off


If you missed the Netherlands-Denmark beach soccer match over the weekend, you probably have some self-respect.


Silvestre Valera’s Gorgeous Late Goal Helped Portugal Sink Denmark


Denmark and Portugal just finished up the best match of Euro 2012 to this point.

Video games

In Denmark, you can use old Nintendo games to pay for a haircut


There's a salon in Denmark called Ruben & Bobby, whose proprietor has a ridiculously bad haircut, but you should let him cut your hair anyway.

World Cup 2010

Group E Preview: Holland Brings Flash in Squad and Women


All eyes are on Holland in Group E, not necessarily because they're the seeded team in the group, but because they're an attacking, offensive team who always seem to present entertaining soccer.

music video

I Can Hardly Wait’ To Watch Complicated Universal Cum’s Hot Music Video


 The band Complicated Universal Cum has a new music video out called “I Can Hardly Wait.