WTFlorida: Semi-truck driver crashes and release 20 million buzzing bees in to the wild


In today's edition of WTFlorida, we're forced to face the reality that the Sunshine State's insanity is leaking out.

sprots betting

Dude In Delaware Bets $5 On a 15-Team NFL Parlay; Wins $100,000


Back in September 2009, one of my first posts for BroBible was about Delaware's new-at-the-time parlay wagers for NFL games.

university of delaware

BroBible Parties at Epic University of Delaware Backyard Bar-B-Q


Last weekend, the BroBible and Liquid Flow crew headed down to the University of Delaware for a surprise Fall Tailgate Tour stop and a little pre-game BBQ action.


Swag Up, Swag Down in 2010


My first ever post on BroBible was "The Best Swag in D-I Lax.


13-Year-Old Delaware Quarterback David Sills Commits to USC


[inline:sils] Remember the scene in "Wayne's World" where Wayne and Garth are being magically whisked around the world via bluescreen, and suddenly stop in Delaware.

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