U.S. Map Shows The Weirdest Causes Of Death For Each State


Here's something you probably have never thought about: what is the most unusual way people die in my state.


Check Out This Dildo That Women Can Put Their Dead Lover’s Ashes In So They Can ‘Grieve’ Properly


When you die, how do you want your wife or girlfriend to mourn your death.

dead pets

This Little Kid Kissing His Dead Goldfish Before He Flushed It Down The Toilet Is The Saddest Thing You’ll See Today

By | 3 Comments

This young lad has suffered a traumatic loss, his pet goldfish named "Top" has passed away.


This Is One Of The Weirdest Sex-Related Deaths You Will Ever Read About


When you're lonely and horny, you do whatever needs to be done to take care of that situation.

musicians and death

How Musicians Die, And At What Age, Organized By Genre: Study


Dianna Kenny of The Conversation has put together a truly fascinating study on musicians and death.

the working dead

Some Guy Died At His Desk And It Took TWO DAYS For Someone In His Office To Notice


Let me repeat: a guy who worked in an office WITH ABOUT 100 OTHER STAFF MEMBERS on the same floor as him died while working at his desk and no one noticed for two days.


Radio Station Asks To Spread Grandma’s Ashes At Dominos, World’s Friendliest Employee Is Totally Cool With It


A kooky radio station decided to channel its inner Jackass and ask for permission to spread ashes near the counter of a Dominos.

weird news

Bad News For Evil Bros — Some States Want To Bring Back Firing Squads


There might be a new way to bite the big one in America if some lawmakers get their wish -- Utah is looking to bring back death by firing squad.


Please Take A Moment To Mourn The Passing Of Richard ‘Dick’ Butt


It's with a heavy heart that I break the news of the passing of a truly great man -- Mr.


This sibling bond will rip your manly heart to shreds


Sadie doesn't want her little brother to grow up.

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