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I Challenge You To Come Up With A Dumber Way To Fake Your Death Than What This Guy Did

Sorry, but it's not possible.

This Guy DIED After He Smoked Pot For The First Time

Maybe not the best move.

Because Life Is Actually A Joke, You Can Now Be Murdered By Your Phone Charger

Up next: how casually picking your nose will give you a brain aneurysm.

The Chinese Won’t Stop Killing Themselves Over The World Cup

China's been having a pretty shitty month so far.

This Compilation of Every Death in Season Four ‘Game of Thrones’ Will Blow Your Mind

For those of us who can't bear to watch the trial by combat episode again.

Kim Kardashian’s New Video Game Made My Eyes Bleed And My Eardrums Rupture

But actually. I'm writing this from an ambulance on the way to the hospital.

Uhh, Guys… We Almost Died of Asteroid This Morning

Sapce rocks go bump in the night.

Swedish Man Pens His Own Three-Word Obituary: “I am Dead”

Short but not that sweet.

Here Are the 10 Things Most Likely to Kill Us All

You know about climate change, but what are the other ways humanity might end?

Bro Dies After Jumping Into Frozen River to Save Cellphone

A 26-year-old man died last night in Chicago when he jumped into the icy Chicago river after dropping his cellphone. 

We Should All Aspire to Have an Obituary As Awesome As This Guy’s

William Freddie McCullough died on September 11, 2013. However, his legacy and his awesome ass obituary will live on forever. From the Savannah Morning News

Cameras Capture High-Speed Train Derailing in Spain

The worst train crash in Spanish history occurred yesterday, killing 78 people and injuring hundreds more. The high-speed train may have been traveling twice the

It Sure Looks Like a Detroit News Station Showed a Corpse Floating in a Lake

This is a little disconcerting.

25 Craziest Things To Do Before You Die

These are literally 25 crazy things. Not like "drink beer, blackout and puke all over yourself" crazy, but actual CRAZY. 

41 Amazingly Bizarre Ways to Die

We're not going to go outside for a while.

Widow’s Attempt to Bury Husband in NASCAR-Themed Headstone Shaped Like a Couch Isn’t Going So Well

Religion and NASCAR aren’t usually at odds. They go together like peanut butter and jelly and a lot of people who love one also love

Man Has Burger King-Themed Funeral Because We’re All Too Fat

There’s nothing like a close relative dying to really make people hungry for mediocre fast food.

Detroit Brothers Dig Up Dead Father in Hopes of Miracle Resurrection

These dudes are eternal optimists.

Taiwanese Families Betting on When Family Members Will Die is the New Hotness

That’s dark. Dark as shit.

Funeral Home Makes Christmas Commercial for the Ages

It's about time someone put sex and Santa back into dying. 

Finally, A Casket Maker is Using Hot Babes To Sell Its Product

How do you sell caskets? The same way you sell anything else: Sex.

Chinese Man Dies After Staying Up 11 Straight Days Watching Euro 2012

A lot of us have probably made some sacrifices in order to watch the action at Euro 2012 over the past couple weeks. It’s a

Junior Seau Provides the Soundtrack to USC’s Heartfelt Tribute About His Life

Hard to watch this Junior Seau tribute without wondering what went wrong between USC's spring game on April 14th and yesterday. How Seau

12-Year-Old Lacrosse Player Dies After Being Struck In Chest With Pass

A 12-year-old died Tuesday after an injury he sustained in a lacrosse game last week. Tyler Kopp, of Brighton, N.Y., was hit in the chest

Gamers Upset They Had to Quit Playing While Pesky Police Dealt With Dead Body

Gamers didn't let a little thing like a corpse sitting next to them ruin their good time last week at an Internet cafe in Taiwan.

Fan Immortalizes Al Davis With a Tribute Tattoo

In case you didn't watch ESPN or CBS or Fox or any other TV station this weekend, AFL maverick and Oakland Raiders' owner, Al Davis,