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Bad News For Evil Bros — Some States Want To Bring Back Firing Squads


There might be a new way to bite the big one in America if some lawmakers get their wish -- Utah is looking to bring back death by firing squad.


Please Take A Moment To Mourn The Passing Of Richard ‘Dick’ Butt


It's with a heavy heart that I break the news of the passing of a truly great man -- Mr.


This sibling bond will rip your manly heart to shreds


Sadie doesn't want her little brother to grow up.


Because Life Is Actually A Joke, You Can Now Be Murdered By Your Phone Charger


Up next: how casually picking your nose will give you a brain aneurysm.

Game of Thrones

This Compilation of Every Death in Season Four ‘Game of Thrones’ Will Blow Your Mind


For those of us who can't bear to watch the trial by combat episode again.

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