dance like no one s watching

A Bunch Of Hot Girls Want To Dance With This Man After He Was Body-Shamed On 4Chan

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"Dance like no one's watching" may be a cliche, but it's a really damn good cliche.


This Kid Is Attempting To Get 500K Retweets So He Can Take His Friend’s MILF Of A Mom To Prom (UPDATE)


At time of publish, this kid -- who is attempting to score a date with his friend's hot mom to a fucking high school school dance -- has 72,000 retweets.

bro life

Yo Bro! U.S. Map Shows What Word Men Use Refer Their Friends Across The Country


All this time we thought this was the United States of Bro.

cool story

This Man Claims Bigfoot Threw a Rock at Him


Bigfoot really screwed up this poor man's camping trip.

cool story

13 Really Dumb Things That Got Bros Arrested


Everyone knows a Bro with a pretty good "the time I got arrested" story.

do you even internet

Are You Addicted to the Internet?


If you clicked on a blog posted called "are you addicted to the Internet.

I'm Awake Now

Driver falls asleep, rolls truck, blocks three lanes of traffic and tells cops ‘Bro, I’m awake now’


  We've all fallen asleep behind the wheel but not many of us have called a cop a "bro" after doing it.


22 Reasons Every Guy Should Hate Black Friday


Now that Halloween is over, it is time to start getting ready for the single greatest day of the year, Black Friday.

fraternity bro

Bro Makes Al Pacino Look Like Norv Turner in Epic Flag Football Speech


For the longest time, Al Pacino's halftime speech in Any Given Sunday was the gold standard of motivational speeches.

type of beer drinkers

What type of beer drinker are you?


There are seven different types of beer drinkers according to this flow chart.

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