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Deadmau5 and Rob Ford Get Coffee Together

These two are a match made in heaven. Deadmau5 has a pretty awesome way of explaining the video, too:

Deadmau5 Performed a Two Hour Live Set From His Basement Because … Who Fucking Knows

EDM DJs are the fucking weirdest.

Deadmau5 Pulls an Epic Troll During His Ultra Set, Then Gets In a Pissing-match with Tiësto RE: Avicii

I'm 100% convinced that big name EDM DJs are the biggest douchebag divas in the world.

Deadmau5 Really Did Wrap His Ferrari 458 Spider with a Ridiculous Nyan Cat Wrap

If you thought Deadmau5 was just joking around about getting his Ferrari wrapped with Nyan Cat, a.k.a. Pop Tart Cat, you clearly don't know deadmau5. Yesterday

DeadMau5 and Porter Robinson Got Into a Bitch Fight on Twitter

I know nothing about EDM. I don't know who Porter Robinson is and I'm not even certain if he and DeadMau5 are technically "EDM" or

This Is What Deadmau5 Wants His Brand New Ferrari 458 Italia to Look Like

Is Deadmau5 just trolling us with these wrap concepts for his brand new Ferrari 458 Italia? Probably. The EDM producer posted these concept images to Instagram

Justin Bieber Crashes an EDM DJ’s Set, Tries to Fight His Manager When He Doesn’t Play Hip-Hop

Today in "douche things Justin Bieber did." During EDM DJ Michael Woods’ set in South Korea, a swagged out, shirtless Bieber ran on the stage and

Big Sean Unveils New Track From ‘Hall of Fame’, Deadmau5 Gives Out A Freebie + Downloads of the Day

All hail free music! New tracks from Big Sean, Deadmau5, 3LAU and Hardwell's live set from Tomorrowland this past weekend!

Deadmau5 Drops Two New Songs, ‘Suckfest9001’ and ‘You There’

So classic and dedicated deadmau5 fans might have noticed that his recent releases have been, well... non-existant. And when he does poke his mau5head out

deadmau5 and Kat Von D Break Up

Everyone's favorite mau5-eared DJ may have made a misstep in his engagement only 193 days in.

Deadmau5 Gives Avicii His Opinion On the GQ Debacle via Twitter

Avicii's GQ profile and ensuing soap opera is now a week old. Forunately, it can finally be laid to rest now that Deadmau5 has has

Deadmau5 Explains Why EDM Is Dying: Is He Right?

Speaking at SXSW with fellow Canadian EDM pioneer Richie Hawtin, Joel Zimmerman offered a harsh criticism about the state of modern electronic dance music. At

Here’s a Video of Deadmau5 Going Through an Airport X-Ray Machine, Because That’s How He Rolls

Shh, shhhh.... Just don't ask questions. This video was uploaded to Joel Zimmerman's YouTube account minus context. And, in his own words, "and now you know

deadmau5’s Music Video for ‘Professional Griefers’ Is the Most Expensive EDM Music Video of All Time

What happens when you give Joel Zimmerman a seven-figure budget to make the most expensive electronic music video of all time? Giant animatronic mouses rumble

The World’s 10 Highest-Paid DJs, According to Forbes

Back in June we published a list of the 30 richest DJs in the world, according to the highly questionable lifetime gross rankings of Celebritynetworth.com.

New Cris Cab, Tyga, The Dean’s List, deadmau5, Wax, Cam Meekins, and More

I took a little vacay last week, so apologies for letting the daily music posts slip through the cracks. But we're right back at you

WhiteRaverRafting EDM Trip: Dog Blood, Deadmau5 and Free Shades!

It's almost the end of summer to it's time to crank up the partying in high gear. A lot of incredible dance music has been

deadmau5 Album on the Way, Plus New Asher Roth, Knife Party, Big Boi, and Gotye

All the new music + music new we could fit into one blog post. Go "LIKE" BroBible Music on Facebook! 

Forbes Has Released a List of Highest-Paid DJs Over The Past Year. DJ Pauly D Is in The Top 10

Say what you want about electronic dance music, but the genre increasingly seems to matter. Two days after we found out the MTV VMAs are

Check Out The Singularity Minimix on BroBible Radio 004

Drake drops a new track, we rehash some old Bro-Jams, Deadmau5 gives us a freebie plus we play a possible new twerk anthem!? I am

New Hoodie Allen, Deadmau5, Animal Collective, White Panda, and Lil B

Lots of good music to start the week off, including new stuff from Hoodie, deadmau5, White Panda, Animal Collective, and Lil B. 

Deadmau5 Calls Out Playboy Model For Making a Tasteless Joke About the ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Shootings

Tricia Evans is an International Playboy Model who recently took to Twitter to make a lame comment about how people are "dying" to see the new

deadmau5’s Music Video for ‘The Veldt’ Is a Wonderful Tribute to Ray Bradbury

Let's press pause for a second on the critical discourse about EDM as a genre. With "The Veldt" hitting iTunes today, Deadmau5 released a new

deadmau5 to the World: ‘We All Press Play’

It's been a weird 72 hours for EDM. Swedish House Mafia announced their next tour will be their last. With a well-written editorial, Dancing Astronaut slammed

Read the Leaked Concert Riders for deadmau5, David Guetta, Calvin Harris, and Afrojack

If you're an EDM fan, you might want to check out EDM Snob's list of leaked contracts and perks of many big names on the scene,

deadmau5 Disses ‘Button-Pusher’ DJs in New Rolling Stone Interview

We all know how outspoken Joel Zimmerman is and how much he likes to put other people in their place. In an exclusive cover story

DJ Pauly D vs. Deadmau5 Beef War: Part II

Hey, look who's taking shots at Deadmau5 after being called out the other day! In a blatant cry for attention, DJ Pauly D douched it

Deadmau5 Beefs Hard with Pauly D on Twitter, Calls Him a ‘Hack’

Beef war alert! In case you missed it, last week EDM tour de force Deadmau5 blasted DJ Pauly D on Twitter, giving the Jersey Shore

Paulina Gretzky Went to a Deadmau5 Concert In Las Vegas and Took Some Pictures

Just like the rest of the world, we're big fans of Paulina Gretzky's Instagram. Over the weekend, Paulina's @pmgypsy Instagram account was abuzz with new activity,

Listen to Three Crunchy New Deadmau5 Tracks

In case you haven't been paying attention, Joel Zimmerman's "f*ckmylife" Soundcloud account has been super busy as of late, with four new tracks being released

Chill Out to Deadmau5’s New Track ‘The Veldt’ (Radio Edit)

Inspired by a short sci-fi story by Ray Bradbury, Deadmau5 premiered his new single “The Veldt” on Friday night. The chill, laidback single features Chris

Madonna and Deadmau5 Make Up Over ‘Molly’ Quote via Twitter

As you'll recall, Deadmau5 was really, really not happy about Madonna's percieved endorsement of drug use at Ultra. But good news, everybody! They kissed and

Deadmau5’s Epic Facebook Rant Hating on Madonna’s ‘Has Anyone Seen Molly?’ Intro to Avicii at Ultra

On Saturday night, Madonna opened Avicii's set at Ultra by coyly asking "How many people in this crowd have seen Molly?" Deadmau5, who was also

EDM Tattoos You’ll See At Ultra This Year… And a Few You (Thankfully) Won’t

We're just more than a month away until all of you EDM freaks can break out your shades and rage at Ultra Music Festival

Deadmau5 Shows Up to the Grammy’s Wearing Skrillex’s Phone Number

Deadmau5 managed to troll the hell out of Skrillex tonight by showing up at the Grammy's wearing his phone number on his T-shirt. Yeah, we

Finally, The Metal Medley of Deadmau5 Covers You’ve Been Waiting For

Deadmau5 fans, ready to have your mind melted into a puddle? Guitar-shredding YouTube sensation Eric Calderone -- aka 'Eroc' -- created a gnarly

This is What the Inside of Deadmau5’s Helmet Looks Like

Deadmau5's glowing, red demented Mickey Mouse helmet is one of the most endearing icons in electronic music. If you're wondering what that fancy piece of

Here’s a Nine-Year-Old Kid Dressed Up as Deadmau5 for His School’s Halloween Dance

Writes Redditor n8r0n: "My 9 year old son wanted to be Deadmau5 for his school halloween dance. This was the result/reaction..." Pretty Brotastic

Epic Meal Time and Deadmau5 Tackle Grilled Cheese

It's hard to make a simple grilled cheese more epic than it already is: bread, cheese, a frying pan, and at most, one brain cell.

10-Track Tuesdays with Pretty Lights, Mac Miller, Willy Joy, and Benzi

It's Tuesday again and to kick off No Shave November. PB&J is back with our good friends from BroBible with a 10-track playlist. Today's mix