Weed Legalization

Conservatives In Congress Don’t Give A Fuck About Your Votes, Are Vaporizing Your Right To Legal Weed

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A tiny faction of Conservative Republicans in Congress are tossing up a big 'F*CK YOU' to the 70% of D.

Washington DC

Drunk People Keep Falling Off The Escalators In The DC Metro (And We Have Video)


It's getting so bad Metro has issued a statement advising riders against using the system while drunk.


How Long Should a Guy Last in Bed?: A Debate Between Contributors Rebecca Martinson and D.C.


[Editor's Note: Recently, two of our writers, Rebecca Martinson and D.


VIDEO: DC Metro Escalator Causes an Avalanche of People When Brakes Stop Working


Last time I visited friends in DC, a buddy greeted me at a NoVA Metro Station and warned me to take the stairs rather than the escalator.

Washington DC

VIDEO: Drunk Redskins Fans Brawl in the Bleachers of FedEx Field


This afternoon some cannibalistic douche from Pittsburgh (which is not my hometown, to those who ask) had the balls to send me this e-mail: Joe PA,   What the f**k gives, dick stick.


Bro Palace’ Seeks New Roommate Willing to Have His Face Melted


Today's Craigslist Find of the Day is a "Bro Palace" in the D.


Discovering a New Side of Washington, D.C., Including Killer Views and Killer Moules


[inline:waller] You might have noticed we were a little lax in our posting Friday afternoon, save for the disaster that was the Harrison Barnes press conference.

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