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CUNY Students See Retired Army Gen. David Petraeus On the Street, Accost the Living Shit Out of Him

The retired and disgraced Army General, David Petraeus, had arguably the best first day of teaching ever at City University of New York. Students just

This Probably What a General Petraeus Sex Tape Would Look Like

In case you were wondering with a David Petraeus sex tape would look like, the folks at Funny or Die has you covered.

The David Petraeus Affair Gets an Appropriately Insane Taiwanese Animation

Look, we've followed this story with an-almost New York Times level of detail. It has everything: Twists, turns, sex, high-ranking military officials, possible governmental conspiracy,

Denver News Station Reports David Petraeus’ Mistress Has a Book Called ‘All Up in My Snatch’

This might be my new favorite news blooper.  It might also be the title of Lindsay Lohan’s tell-all autobiography if she ever decides to write

As Expected, Jon Stewart Had a Field Day With David Petraeus’ Resignation

It turns out, when Stewart interviewed Paula Broadwell (back in January) all the hints of an affair with David Petraeus were right under his nose,

Now the Commander of U.S. and NATO Troops in Afghanistan Has a Sex Scandal

What the hell is going on here?

9 Conspiracy Theories About David Petraeus from People on Twitter Who Can’t Spell ‘Petraeus’

It's day four of the David Petraeus scandal, which started on Friday when the CIA Director and retired General announced he was stepping down from the

CIA Director David Petraeus Resigns Over Extra-Marital Affiar

Well, it’s only right. Clearly he was terrible at keeping secrets.