john oliver

Don’t Understand English ‘Football’? Educate Yourself By Watching John Oliver Explain It On Letterman


I don’t know jack shit about English “football” other than the fact that we call it soccer over here on the better half of the world.

kelly ripa

Apparently 5.5 Inches Actually IS Too Much For Kelly Ripa To Handle


A couple of weeks ago the Internet collectively cracked up at some implied dick jokes that Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan made on their morning show when discussing the new iPhone 6 and how "large" it was going to be.

Robin Williams tribute video

David Letterman’s emotional 10 minute tribute to Robin Williams was beautiful


David Letterman, who has known Robin Williams for for 38 years, paid special tribute to his friend with a heart-wrenching 10 minute segment and video on The Late Show last night.

Olivia Wilde nude scenes

Olivia Wilde talked all about getting naked on ‘The Late Show’ last night


Somehow David Letterman got his interview with Olivia Wilde to head into the direction of her being naked in films including for her new movie Third Person.

David Letterman

Dave Chappelle addressed quitting his show on ‘Letterman’ last night


Dave Chappelle talked with David Letterman on The Late Show about quitting his Comedy Central show and what he was doing while everyone reacted to it at the time.

The Late Show

Here’s Dave Chappelle’s Full Interview with David Letterman Last Night


Dave Chappelle went on The Late Show with David Letterman last night to discuss his upcoming gig at Radio City Music Hall.

Howard Stern.

Howard Stern on Letterman — his best appearances on ‘Late Night’ and ‘Late Show’


Howard Stern and David Letterman are good friends -- or at least it comes off that way on TV.

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