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Watch Emma Stone Talk To David Letterman About Ghostly Ectoplasm-Crusted Quarters


Here’s Dave Chappelle’s Full Interview with David Letterman Last Night

Dave Chappelle went on The Late Show with David Letterman last night to discuss his upcoming gig at Radio City Music Hall.

BRB Watching This Video of Adorable Penguins Eat on ‘Letterman’

Supes cute. Supes.

Peyton Manning Set Up David Letterman for a Perfect Bill Belichick Burn


Louis CK Became the First Person to Say ‘Sucks Balls’ on Letterman

Which is why we love him.

Stephen Colbert Read a Top 10 List He Wrote 17-Years Ago During Appearance on ‘The Late Show’ Last Night

On out of character Stephen Colbert hit the Late Show last night as a guest of the man he will be replacing in 2015.

Stephen Colbert Will Be on Letterman Tonight. Watch This Teaser Clip First.

Present meets future.

Jimmy Fallon Gave His Top Ten Reasons David Letterman Is Retiring

It was a beautiful gesture.

David Letterman Is Retiring

End of an era.

Bill Murray Took a Selfie with Lady Gaga and David Letterman, Because Bill Murray Is the Man

When Bill Murray goes on Letterman, a special type of magic happens.

Jameis Winston Visited David Letterman, Delivered the Top Ten List

Heisman Trophy winner Jameis Winston stopped by David Letterman's Late Show last night to deliver the Top Ten list. And he wasn't totally awkward. 

Jennifer Lawrence Told TWO Stories About Sh*tting Her Pants to David Letterman

A very visably exhausted, overworked Jennifer Lawrence appeared on The Late Show last night to do the requisite publicity for this weekened's The Hunger Games: Catching Fire box

Olivia Munn Was Her Hot Self On Letterman Last Night, Discussed the Now Infamous Swing Video

We've all watched the video of Olivia Munn dislocating her shoulder on an indoor swing. Last night she went on David Letterman to discuss the

Louis C.K. Found a Dead Body Floating in the Water Off of Manhattan

CBS slow-rolled us with this video by not releasing it at the same time as yesterday's video from Louis' visit to The Late Show, because

Hank Took a Break from Trying to Catch Heisenberg, Went on Letterman

As Breaking Bad reaches its dramatic conclusion, Dean Norris' character does not seem to be very into taking half measures. His excellent acting helped land this latest

Andrew Dice Clay Left the Most Andrew Dice Clay Voicemail on Louis C.K.‘s Phone

Last night, Louis C.K. was on The Late Show with David Letterman promoting his latest film Blue Jasmine. One of his co-stars in that movie

I Wish Michael Cera Would Have Talked About Doing Cocaine Off Girls’ Butts on ‘Letterman’ Last Night

If you saw "This Is the End," as I did over the holiday weekend, you'll get what the headline to this article means. For my perhaps

Watch Jerry Seinfeld and David Letterman Ride a Tricked Out Volvo, Discuss Football Rule Changes

Jerry Seinfeld's had a nice little renaissance as of late--he's been pretty active in terms of his standup, and his web series "Comedians in Cars

Michael Shannon Tells David Letterman a Funny Story About Bill Murray on the Set of ‘Groundhog Day’

We may best know Michael Shannon as the excellent Agent Nelson Van Alden on Boardwalk Empire, but as a much younger fellow Shannon played a

A Supercut of David Letterman Asking Questions About Drums Exists

I guess I never noticed David Letterman’s obsession with drums and drum ownership. Thanks to some sharp-eyed people with CBC Music, I’ll never watch a

Lindsay Lohan Went On ‘Letterman’ Last Night, Predictable Awkwardness and Tears Ensued

I don't know what I was expecting when I turned on CBS and saw Lindsay Lohan sitting there talking to David Letterman, but what I

Kevin Ware Read The Top 10 Thoughts Going Through His Mind as He Broke His Leg on ‘Letterman’

Louisville's fallen hero, Kevin Ware, continues his post injury media tour and last night he landed on The Late Show with David Letterman via satellite.

James Franco Talks to David Letterman About Why Harmony Korine Was Banned From ‘The Late Show’

James Franco is towards the tippy top of my list of movie stars I'd like to interview. I guess I just appreciate a guy who

Selena Gomez Sorta Bashed Justin Bieber on David Letterman and It Was Glorious

Selena Gomez was on David Letterman last night to promote her coed white trash gangstaaaa flick, "Spring Breakers." David Letterman asked Gomez about her relationship with Justin Bieber

Alison Brie Was Hot and Awesome on Letterman Last Night, Discusses Meeting Dude with a Foot Fetish

How amazing is Alison Brie?

Watch A$AP Rocky Perform on David Letterman with A-Trak and araabMUZIK

Last night on the "Late Show with David Letterman", BroBible's favorite shoe-complimenter, A$AP Rocky, took the stage of the Ed Sullivan Theater perform with DJ

Chris Pratt Tells David Letterman About Living in a Van, Working at Bubba Gump

Chris Pratt has lived a very interesting life. In fact, he led an interesting life even before he became a Hollywood star or put a

Johnny Manziel Visited David Letterman, Gave the Top Ten List

Life is so good for Johnny Manziel. He’s got a brand-new Heisman Trophy, a stunningly hot girlfriend and millions waiting for him in the NFL

Late Night Worlds Collide: Jimmy Kimmel Interviews David Letterman Live from Brooklyn

Confession: I watch a lot of late night television. It's a habit I picked up in high school and just can't kick. Thus, I always enjoy when

David Letterman and Jimmy Fallon Filmed Their Shows Without an Audience Last Night

In dueling bizarre situations, David Letterman and Jimmy Fallon filmed their respective talk shows yesterday with nary a soul in the audience due to Hurricane

Nick Offerman Sang a Ballad to the Woman He ‘Wants to Impale’ on David Letterman Last Night

Longtime readers of the site know there are a few subjects we post about more or less constantly: Kate Upton and her continuing adventures traveling

President Obama Went on David Letterman Last Night to Discuss Mitt Romney’s Leaked Comments

President Obama swung by the 'Late Show' last night prior to his big New York fundraiser with Jay-Z and Beyonce, and the conversation naturally turned

David Letterman and Bill Hader Chugged Tequila on TV Last Night

Does Letterman just not care anymore?

Tracy Morgan Gave a Predictably Insane Interview to David Letterman Last Night

At some point over his time on "30 Rock," Tracy Morgan, the actor, morphed into Tracy Jordan, the character. This is a fact. 

Did Dave Letterman Spoil the ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Ending Last Night?

Anne Hathaway, who plays Catwoman in the upcoming "Dark Knight Rises," stopped by Late Night with Dave Letterman last night to discuss the movie. What

David Letterman Asks LeBron James if He’s Ready to Go Back to Cleveland

With last night's LeBron James appearance on David Letterman, there came more proof that winning a championship makes all your problems go away.

Bubba Watson Confirms He’s ‘Awesome’ to David Letterman

Masters winner Bubba Watson sat down with David Letterman last night. He was asked to describe his personal golf style. His answer? “Awesome.”

Louis C.K. is in Favor of Roving Packs of Lions Eating Dumb People

Louis C.K. continues to be the smartest and funniest comic that there is today. Lately he is known for his uproariously hilarious show,

Joaquin Phoenix and David Letterman Reunite to Explain 2009 Appearance, ‘I’m Still Here’

When Joaquin Phoenix went on David Letterman's show in February 2009 as a bearded, inaudible actor-turned-rapper, BroBible was just a couple weeks old. In one