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Dave Chappelle Tells Hilarious Story About Hanging Out with Kanye West

Audio has leaked from Dave Chappelle's most recent performance in Chicago. It's great. Via Complex:

Dave Chappelle Says Hartford Crowd That Booed Him Was ‘Evil,’ ‘Young, White Alcoholics’

Nearly a week after being heckled in Hartford, Connecticut—and subsequently quitting his act after 10 minutes—Dave Chappelle took to the stage last night in

When Being a Bro Goes Wrong: Dave Chappelle Quits Performance After Being Heckled by Douchebags

Four dates into his Funny or Die-sponsored comeback tour, Dave Chappelle was forced last night to quit his set within 10 minutes, after a

Dave Chappelle to Return for a Coast-to-Coast Comedy Tour

Since leaving Chappelle's Show in 2005, Dave Chappelle has spent his time getting huge, smoking hookahs with gleeful fans, and showing up for

Dave Chappelle Will Smoke Hookah with You if You’re Nice About It

Reddit user freebass shared an amazing story today about randomly bumping into Dave Chappelle on the street in Minneapolis last night. The reclusive