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42 Openers to Use on Girls When Online Dating

Bet you can't use them all.

Bro’s Girlfriend Went to Study Abroad Without Him — Take a Wild Guess How That Ended

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5 Reasons You Aren’t Getting A Second Date

How not to blow it the first time.

Should a Bro Go to Yoga Classes to Pick Up Chicks?

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10 Signs Your Girlfriend Is Cheating on You

The signs are easier to spot than you think.

Science Says Being a Manipulative Dick Will Lead to a Better Love Life

Nice guys just keep finishing last.

The 8 Lies Your Girlfriend Tells You

We’re all guilty of telling white lies. Like when your girl comes out wearing a maxi dress that looks like [...]

Watch 25-Year-Old Jon Hamm Get Denied a Date on a ’90s Dating Show

Bros.... Check out Jon Hamm's flow back in the day. That mop of lettuce just screams D-3 laxer.

The 9 Girls You’ll Date In Your 20s (Represented by Pop Singers)

I started out trying to comprise a list of different girls that you’ll consider dating in your 20s, and realized they corresponded to the personalities

How To Get Women Into Bed, By the Really Hot Chick in This Photo

From the forums. Above is how you get our attention. -- Editor

Aziz Ansari Explains What It’s Like Being Single These Days

This is a little old, but a classic is a classic. Allow the wise Aziz Ansari to perfectly explain what it's like being single these

What Women Want You to Say When You Sext

What to—and more specifically— what not to say when sexting.

The 12 Types of Girls You’ll Meet on Tinder

Tinder. It's a slippery slope if you're not careful.

Are You a Pussy for Wanting to Be More than Friends With Benefits? Plus When Her Nips Have Hair

My mother once told me that the best way to get what you want most is to behave as if it's the thing you could

5 Ways to Tell If She’s Just Not That Into You, Dude

You know what I hate? Being mean. I’m just not a mean person by nature.

BroApp Is the App to Hide From Your Boys the Fact You Are in Love

Man, have you ever been out with your buddies and just wanted to text your girlfriend, to let her know [...]

10 Reasons Every Girl Should Date a Bro

It’s come to my attention that a large portion of the female population have laughed bros out of their dateable [...]

Why Bathtub Sex Is the Worst Kind of Sex

I mean, it's still better than no sex at all...

Bro-Shaming: A Dating Trend That Needs to Stop

The recent BroBible article “Girl Shares Her Nightmares From Dating App Hinge So Bros Can Learn From Others’ Mistakes” practically [...]

VH1′s New Dating Show ‘Naked Dating’ Is … Exactly What It Sounds Like

VH1 has greenlit a show called Naked Dating which is—apparently—doing away with the silly little notion of putting on clothes before [...]

New Research Suggests Friends With Benefits Relationships Don’t Ruin Friendships

Great news to all you guys who have wanted to tell a friend you liked her but were afraid she [...]

Girl Shares Her Nightmares From Dating App Hinge So Bros Can Learn From Others’ Mistakes

Ethan practically came streaking into my life.  It wasn’t so much “streaking” in the sense of head-to-toe nudity, jiggling ass [...]

12 Things a Girl Doesn’t Want to Be Asked on a First Date, By Tasha Reign

I have been on a ton of dates… maybe too many.  The other day some asshole athlete I had been [...]

10 Reasons Why It’s OK to Hit on Your Friend’s Sister

You’ve known her since you were a pubescent boy and you’ve always sensed an attraction, but never acted on it. [...]

Great News, Bros: Emily Ratajkowski Is Single and Ready to Mingle

Awwwwwwww hell yes. BroBible’s favorite lady on the planet, Emily Ratajkowski – who was cool enough to hang out with me at [...]

3 Ways To Do Valentines Day on the Cheap

Now, to preface, we mean Valentine’s Day here from the perspective of a person in an official relationship. If you’re [...]

10 Text Phrases That Will Leave You in the Friend Zone

A majority of women, for reasons I’ll never understand, like it when men act disinterested and treat them poorly. It’s illogical, but we have to

Things Everyone Does On A First Date But Probably Shouldn’t

Just take her to Wendys. Classy girls LOVE Wendys. 

4 Things Single Men Will Never Fully Understand About Women

Pads, menstruation, and many, many other things that we feel borderline horrified to say out loud.

Bro’s Girlfriend Tells Him She Expects More Out of Him and His Penis, Plus Smoking: Bro or Not Bro?

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A Comprehensive Analysis of Cosmo’s ‘20 Guys To Avoid In Your Twenties’

Last week, Cosmopolitan Magazine's Anna Breslaw published a list of men who are responsible for making every woman's twenties miserable.

8 Challenges Every Bro Faces After a Break-Up

Maybe she didn’t like the gift you got her for Christmas or maybe she’s shipping off to study abroad and doesn’t want to do a

Why Everything You Know About Dating Is Wrong

Fact: 40% of office flings lead to marriage, says science. So remember what you're end-game is this office holiday party season...

What Do You Do When You Love Your Girlfriend, But Hate Her Vagina, Plus A Killer Scavenger Hunt List

Submit your Ask a Bro questions here. Oh, and as much as I care about your love lives (I do, I really do)

14 Things She Wants You to Know About Her Vagina

For not being a lesbian, I sure do spend a lot of time around vaginas. I interact with women on a very personal basis on

Security Camera Catches a Bro Getting Brutally Friend-Zoned By a Girl After a Date

Ouch. This is brutal to watch. This poor, poor man. He goes in for the kill and she straight up friend-zone denies him. There are

Just the Tip: A Chick Wants Guys to Know That Periods Really Aren’t That Bad

HA! Girls are so silly. They think we care about things.

Sure, maybe once upon a time a girl shot us down and blamed her period

Bro Intentionally Gave The Clap to a Girl Who Wronged His Friend, Plus Who’s Up for Salad Tossin’?

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How Do You Tell a Nagging Ex to Fuck Off Without Actually Saying It?

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Dating Expectations Vs. Reality

Wow. If you're a Bro with a girlfriend, this is great. This video PERFECTLY describes what it's like to be in a relationship with someone.