The 15 Things That Will Help You Get Laid On The First Date, According To A Girl

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Most girls love first dates: it’s the time where they can build you up in their heads as the perfect man, try out your last name as her new last name, imagine what your kids would look like, and the time before they figure out that you’re an asshole or impotent or whatever.

dating apps

App Lets You Use LinkedIn To Hook-Up With Strangers Who Have Jobs


Once upon a time I assigned David to write an article about how to hook-up with girls using exclusively LinkedIn.


5 Sex Toys Your Girlfriend Is Using And How To Ensure You’re Not Permanently Replaced By Them


Shutterstock Whether you’ve come across your girl’s toys by mistake, she suggested using them together or you accidentally walked in on her using it solo – don’t panic.

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Two 27-Year-Old NYC Girls Who Just Can’t Even Looking For Preppy Post-Grad Fratstar On Craigslist

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Attention NYC post-grad Bros: Are you 6 feet or taller, played lacrosse in college, work for a bank, wear half-zips, Ray-Bans Wayfarers, loafers, and Patagonia vests, know Bob Seger lyrics, and looking for a girlfriend now that the summer's over.

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How To Workout Using Only Your Hot Girlfriend


The couple that lifts each other stays with each other.

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