tinder alternatives

Don’t Want To Pay For Tinder? Here Are 15 Alternative Dating Apps


In the beginning of February, we warned you that Tinder was about to monetize their their app AKA charge for swipes.

high there app

There’s A Tinder For Stoners And Of Course It’s Called ‘High There’


Looking for that special someone to get blazed with, then pass out and forget to have sex.

guys vs girls

Girls Are Answering ‘Truth Bombs’ From Guys On The Dude-Rating App Lulu


The dude-rating app Lulu is something many single, ready-to-mingle dudes live in fear of.

dating apps

App Lets You Use LinkedIn To Hook-Up With Strangers Who Have Jobs


Once upon a time I assigned David to write an article about how to hook-up with girls using exclusively LinkedIn.


Heavenly Sinful is New Tinder-Like Dating App That Leads with Users’ Intentions


Heavenly Sinful is a new Tinder-like dating app that allows users to disclose their motives right from the start.

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