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Comedian Review ‘Cosmo’ Magazine Sex Tips, Hilarity Ensues

Cosmopolitan magazine has a not-so-lackluster reputation of being a bottomless pit of shitty dating advice.

5 Ways to Tell If She’s Just Not That Into You, Dude

You know what I hate? Being mean. I’m just not a mean person by nature.

10 Reasons Why College Girls Stay Single, By a College Girl

Today I read an article written by a women on why her peers aren’t getting asked out.

6 Dating Apps for When You’re in a Relationship

I would invest in so many of these. Next Snapchat? Next Snapchat... 

10 Perfect Pick Up Lines That Actually Work

Firstly, let me start by saying that at the end of the day, no matter how good your opener or pick up line is, if

How to Get a Girlfriend in 17 Steps

OK, first you have to stop saying "I need a girlfriend" all the time. That ain't Bro at all...

Aubrey Plaza Wears a Bikini and Offers Dating Advice

Aubrey Plaza is everywhere this week in a passive publicity blitz for The To-Do List, which opens on Friday. She's talking about threesomes, she's talking about

10 Ways Bros Can Step Up Their Dating Game

It seems like everyone’s favorite topic of conversation, including my own, is dating and relationships. My friends are constantly telling me

A Guide to Getting a Guy to Text You the Morning After, By America’s Favorite Sorority Girl

Editor's Note: We're very excited to introduce a new BroBible contributor. Rebbeca Martinson is a University of Maryland student who gained

French Montana’s Guide to Picking Up Girls

Last week French Montana explained to BroBible how to behave in a strip club. As a mandatory follow-up to that video, this week we're talking

The 5 Stages of Sexual Competence

If you’ve ever heard women talking, you’ll know they talk about sex just as much as we do. And similar to how we complain, they

The 5 Things She’s Telling Her Friends About You

It’s no secret that women talk too.. a LOT.

The 5 States of Text Grief

Ever sent a text message to a girl that you immediately regret? Here's how you cope with that sometimes fateful decision. 

Can a Booty Call Be Too Slutty? Plus Should You Stay Anonymous If You Won the Lottery?

Submit your Ask a Bro questions here. 

Want to Avoid ‘The FREAKIN’ Friend Zone?’ This Video Hilariously Explains How

Gotta be like Neo. 

Bro on a Mission to Sleep With All of His Female Co-Workers Gets a Dose of Reality

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Should You Ditch Your Hot Streak To Help Your Friend Get Laid? Plus Can You Whack Off Too Much?

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How to Ditch a Girl to Get With Her Friend, Plus Do Chicks Dig a Guy With Pierced Nipples?

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Should You Pursue a Girl That Has a Crazy Ex-Boyfriend? Plus a Bro Asks If He Can Wear a Scarf

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Keeping Girls You Have One-Night Stands With In College From Hating You, Plus Other Sagacious Advice

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Does the Desire to Sleep With Other Chicks Ever Go Away? Plus Two Halloween Costume Ideas

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Do Smarter Guys Have a Harder Time Getting Laid? Plus Why You Shouldn’t Be Friends With Your Ex

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How Quickly Should You Have Sex After a Break Up?, Plus You Woke Up Missing an Eyebrow, Now What?

Mailbag time, ladies and gents. Submit your Ask a Bro questions here. Let's roll! 

The Rules of Hooking Up With Family Friends, Plus Is It a Scumbag Move to Have 5 Girls on Rotation?

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Should You Bang a Girl That Wants to Choke You During Sex?, Plus How to Handle an Alien Anal Probing

Another big mailbag for you this week. Keep the questions coming, and I'll keep spewing whatever it is I spew. Submit your Ask a Bro

Would You Rather Give Up Sex or Booze for a Year?, Plus a Guy Accidentally Banged His Friend’s Wife

HUGE Ask a Bro today. Think I answered something like a hundred questions. Not sure, lost count at six, but it sure felt like a

How to Get Out of the Sophomore Sex Slump, Plus What To Do When Girls Prefer It With the Lights Off

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When Your Girl Wants to Have Sex But You Just Jacked Off, Plus To Cheat or Not To Cheat

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Getting Your Roommate to Leave When You Want to Have Sex, Plus Tall Girls vs. Short

It's Tuesday and that means it's time to open the mailbag and help others get on the fast-track to ruining their lives. Submit your Ask

What Is the Perfect Penis Size? Plus Hooking Up When You Go Back Home For College Breaks

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What To Do If Your Girl Stops Getting Horny, Plus Which Baseball Player Do You Want to Party With?

Thick mailbag for you today. Submit your Ask a Bro questions here. 

10 Reasons Why Men Love Bitches

Bitches. Some men hate 'em. Some men love 'em. In her craziest video to date, Emily Hartridge's latest "10 Reasons Why" counts down 10 surefire

How Long Must You Wait to Kiss Her After A BJ? Plus Is It Okay to Always Be Chicks’ Rebound Guy?

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A Girl Wants to Give Her Boyfriend the Threesome He Craves, Plus Other Sage Advice

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Dear John: Dudely Dating Advice From the Toilet

Guys and girls send me dating questions over twitter. I asked that they tape their questions and I'd send a response when I felt comfortable.

Is It Possible to Talk a Girl Into Giving You a Blumpkin, Plus Is Hating LeBron James Still OK?

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5 Tips To Date Proof Your Facebook Profile

We can all agree that Facebook is the social hub of hooking up. It’s where a meeting goes from a handshake to a dry hand-job,

Ask a Babe: A Bro Asks ‘Should I Tuck It or Let It Rage,’ Booty Calls, and Virgin Problems

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Bros Calling Dibs on Girls, Blowing in a Stranger, and the Most Painful ‘Would You Rather’ Yet

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Juggling Multiple Sorority Girls, Can A Chick Be Too Into Sports, and Drinking Straight from the Jug

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