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Are You Part Of the 30% Of Men Who Don’t Know The 5 Ways To Please Women In Bed? Check Out This Survey To Find Out

No one's perfect, but forreal you can probably do better.

How To Get Women Into Bed, By the Really Hot Chick in This Photo

From the forums. Above is how you get our attention. -- Editor

Are You a Pussy for Wanting to Be More than Friends With Benefits? Plus When Her Nips Have Hair

My mother once told me that the best way to get what you want most is to behave as if it's the thing you could

Just the Tip: A Chick Wants Guys to Know That Periods Really Aren’t That Bad

HA! Girls are so silly. They think we care about things. Sure, maybe once upon a time a girl shot us down and blamed her period

How to Stay Out of the Friend Zone Forever

Sup, Bros. This is episode two of That's What She Said with the lovely Jenn Bosworth from the Back9Network. This week's question comes from a Bro who

The Guide to Attracting Women at Clubs, by Hot Women

There are few things worse than striking out at a bar or club after you’ve spent a small fortune on cab fare, cover and drinks.

Do Sex Dreams Mean You Should Get Back with Your Ex? Plus Flirting While Stoned

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A Babe Shares the 10 Commandments to Being a Good Boyfriend

Being in a committed relationship can be a lot like practicing a religion. It involves a lot of rules and regulations, dedication, sacrifice, guilt and

Should You Tell Your New Girlfriend How Many Girls You’ve Slept With?

This is a question I get asked a lot. And I recently received another inquiry regarding it in the mailbag, so I decided to throw

Should I Sleep With a Chick Who Admitted She Has Herpes? Plus ‘Cut Your Hair or We’re Breaking Up’

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Do Girls Like Receiving Unsolicited Dick Pics? Plus What to Do After Getting Her Number at the Bar

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My Long Distance Girlfriend is Looser Than I Remember, Is She Cheating on Me? Plus Other Drivel

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A Bro Asks If He’s Finally Left the Friend Zone and How to Prevent Yellow Armpit Stains

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