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American Dashcam Shows Horrifying Image of Cement Truck Plowing Right at Car

Dashcams exist outside outside of Russia!

This is What a Plane Crashing Next to a Highway Looks Like

The world is an insanely dangerous place and we’re all going to die one day.

It’s Pretty Goddamn Interesting to Watch a Truck Full of Cows Crash

Mother of Christ is that ever compelling footage. Glad to see no cows were injured on the way to the slaughterhouse because that would have

Here’s a Russian Guy Riding a Shopping Cart Down a Highway

At what point do we get a Best of Russian Dashcam channel on cable? It can’t be far off.

Watch This Cop Put a Devastating Tackle on a Drunk

If NFL players could tackle as well as this cop there would be a lot less broken tackles and possibly less DUI's.

Dashcam Records Toughest Woman Alive Getting Hit by Car

WARNING: Playing crappy European rap at an extremely loud volume can cause injuries, especially to jaywalking women.