This Is What It Looks Like When You Hit A Turkey With Your Car Going 95mph (Dash Cam Video)

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Newsflash: If you hit a turkey with your car while driving 95-miles-per-hour both the bird and your car are going to end up wrecked.


If You Drive Like A Moron You Better Expect Instant Karma


This is one of those rarest of videos, in which we see an idiot with a dashcam driving like a complete moron, put everyone on the road in danger, get served instant karma, AND THEN upload the video of them looking like an idiot to YouTube.


This is What a Plane Crashing Next to a Highway Looks Like


The world is an insanely dangerous place and we’re all going to die one day.


Here’s a Russian Guy Riding a Shopping Cart Down a Highway


At what point do we get a Best of Russian Dashcam channel on cable.

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Watch This Cop Put a Devastating Tackle on a Drunk


If NFL players could tackle as well as this cop there would be a lot less broken tackles and possibly less DUI's.


Dashcam Records Toughest Woman Alive Getting Hit by Car


WARNING: Playing crappy European rap at an extremely loud volume can cause injuries, especially to jaywalking women.

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