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Jeff Bagwell Was Paid to Attend Darren Rovell’s 1991 Bar Mitzvah

Best friends.

Dickbag Darren Rovell Really Did Email a Kid’s College Professor

And he wonders why he has no friends.

Darren Rovell is Here to Tell You How Much Extremely Large Man Paid for His Seats at the Bulls Playoff Game

Sick burn.

Intel Purchases Ad Space on Inside of FC Barcelona Jerseys, Darren Rovell Ejaculates

Probably. I have no proof that upon hearing this news, Darren Rovell ran into an adjacent office closet and began furiously cranking on his man member

The 15 Best College Beer Pong Tables on the Internet, According to Darren Rovell on Twitter

Last night Darren Rovell, notorious Twitterati and ESPN Sports Business Reporter, put out a call on Twitter for people to share the most impressive college

Kate Upton Has No Interest in Being Darren Rovell’s Valentine

Kate Upton is the best Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition cover girl ever. FACT! The blond bombshell cemented her position atop the totem pole