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Darnell Dockett Tries Out a Racist Joke on Twitter

Arizona Cardinals defensive lineman and Twitter aficionado Darnell Dockett crafted another edgy tweet on Friday night to create controversy. He sure seems to enjoy doing

Darnell Dockett Has a Very Carnal, Hilarious, Admiration For Oprah

Darnell Dockett is no stranger to tweeting weird shit -- as evidenced by this and this. Today, he added to his expanding

According to His Twitter, The Only Time Darrnell Dockett is Unarmed is When He’s Playing Football

Dockett is a joy to follow on twitter and with a gun in his hands, I feel like the world is also a

Arizona Cardinals DE Darnell Dockett Tweets Out the Worst Financial Advice You’ll See Today

Was anyone else unaware that the Arizona Cardinals implemented a new incentive-based pay structure? The whole team