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Guess What Happens When a Sperry-Wearing Frat Bro Eats a Live Garden Snail?

Frat Boy Chet here thinks he’s a big swinging dick who can just easily down a live garden snail. Then, […]

Cricket Reporter Conducts Hilarious Interview After Eating Hot Chilis

Cricket is huge in New Zealand. It’s so big, in fact, that many people actually understand the rules. Lachlan Forsyth […]

Two Bros Eat Live Cicadas for $5 Each

These brave cicadas emerged from the ground to serenade us with their summer song. They were promptly eaten by a couple guys for a nominal

Guy Performs Entire Napoleon Dynamite Dance at Crowded Mall Food Court

What people won't do when the words "I dare you" are thrown into the equation, huh? I once watched and adult feature film where people