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Danny McBride Tells the Story of His Absinthe-Fueled New Orleans Bender With Craig Robinson

Danny McBride was on Conan last night and he told the story of when him and Craig Robinson got shtifaced on

McBride, Franco, Rogan, Hill and More in Hilarious ‘This Is The End’ Red Band Trailer

So...is this really a movie about celebrities faced with the apocalypse? Yes, apparently it is (timely release since we were all supposed to die today).

Your Bro of the Week Nominees Include the Greatest Spy Ever and a Man Who Ate 68 Hot Dogs

Each week, we nominate five Bros for the esteemed honor of Bro of the Week, given to the guy who best went above and beyond

Danny McBride Reveals What to Expect in Season 4 of ‘Eastbound and Down’

Kenny Powers—a.k.a. Danny McBride—gave an illuminating interview to Hitflix Tuesday that details what to expect in Season Four of "Eastbound and Down."

30 Hilarious Clips from the Stars of ‘30 Minutes or Less’

The new comedy "30 Minutes or Less" poses a hilarious get-rich-quick hypothetical: What would happen if you kidnapped a pizza delivery guy, strapped a bomb

Movie Trailers: 30 Minutes or Less (Red Band Version)

It took seeing this restricted trailer for me to be sold on this movie. When I first saw the previews for "30 Minutes or Less"