Jimmy Kimmel Live

Danny Brown Killed ‘25 Bucks’ on ‘Kimmel’ Last Night


For his late-night television debut last night, Danny Brown brought out Megan James to play "25 Bucks" on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

eddie huang

Eddie Huang Pees in Public, Gets Big Baby Burgers with Danny Brown


Funfetti cake and Cheeto-fried chicken enthusiast Eddie Huang is back with another season of his cooking/travel show Fresh Off the Boat.

Hip hop

Stream Danny Brown’s Terrific Album ‘Old’


I've written way too many words about this album already, so it might be best to shut up and let Danny Brown do the (high-pitched) talking.

danny brown old

Everything We Know About Danny Brown’s New Album ‘Old’


Last week, Danny Brown released the album cover for his September 30 release Old.

Kendrick Lamar

Danny Brown Got a Beej from a Girl in the Middle of a Concert


Danny Brown is a lunatic, but the hair, four-inch teeth gap, and bananas first album XXX tipped us off to that already.

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