Val Kilmer

Full trailer for Disney’s ‘Planes’ takes flight


The older I get, the more I'm a sucker for kids' movies.

WWE apologizes for rape joke

WWE apologizes after Abraham Washington tells Kobe Bryant joke on ‘Raw’


Abraham Washington told a Kobe Bryant rape joke on Raw last night and now his employer, WWE, has issued an apology.

Katie Nolan

The Guyism Speed Round for July 30


In today's Guyism Speed Round, Katie Nolan discusses Dane Cook's controversial joke about the tragedy in Aurora, the happenings of the Olympic Opening Ceremonies in London, and more.


Dane Cook made an Aurora shooting joke (with audio)


Dane Cook went up on stage in Los Angeles's Laugh Factory to work on some new material.


12 things that only a douchebag would say

By | 47 Comments

If you hear any of the following twelve phrases being uttered near you, you’ll know you’re in the presence of the not so elusive douchebag.

Verizon store

7 modern day activities that could serve as medieval torture

By | 10 Comments

With cars and airplanes and iPhones, it seems that the world we live in just keeps getting better and brighter (with the exception of a fledgling world economy, countries with less of a GNP than Apple, adult onset diabetes, cancer, US Magazine, Swine Flu, etc).

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