You’ve Never Loved Anything As Much As This Child Loves Singing Birthday Cards


Typically I refuse to take dancing advice from an infant, but this kid's got moves.


Russia + Vodka + Saturday Night Fever = YouTube Gold

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This is one of those one-in-a-million videos where the stars align and everything comes out perfect.

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Old Footage Of Gus Malzahn Dancing To MC Hammer’s ‘U Can’t Touch This’ Will Make You Laugh


Auburn is an offensive juggernaut, able to outscore pretty much anybody on any given night.


Old White People From The 1960’s Partying To ‘Black And Yellow’ Is Proof Grandpa Got Turnt


The 'Greatest Generation' is known for surviving the Great Depression and WWII, but here we see footage of them in the twilight of their years, getting turnt as hell to 'Black and Yellow'.


Watch And Weep As You Realize You Will Never Dance As Well As This Eight-Year-Old Kid


Don't feel bad though, it's not like any of your friends can dance this well either.

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Ever Wanted To Annoy 30 People Or More At Once? Watch And Learn From This Guy Starting A Dance Party On A Train


  Every morning I ride the subway on the way to work, and anytime something like this happens I quickly dig around in my bag to see if I have any sort of knife or pointy object so I can quickly and effortlessly kill myself to escape from these “morning people.


The Most Sexual Dance On Earth ‘Daggering’ Gets the Jim Ross-WWE Treatment


Daggering is a dance native to the tiny island of Jamaica, and it involves trying to hurt your dancing partner by nearly any means possible, as long as it looks sexual.


Despite All His Rage, This Dude’s Still Just A Rat In An EDM Cage


I watch this man and can't help but feel a little envious, because I simply cannot remember the last time I was that deep in the music, EDM or any variety.

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