I Can’t Stop Watching This Bro Dance To Shaq’s DJ Set At Bud Light’s Super Bowl Party


Today at Bud Light's House OF Whatever Super Bowl party in Phoenix, Shaq made a special appearance as DJ Diesel.


This Little Bro Is The Best Dancer You’ll Ever See If ‘Best Dancer’ Meant ‘Really Good At Humping The Ground’


Normally when it comes to watching people dance craptastically I'd sit here and make fun of them, but today is going to be different.

college football

Barry Alvarez Can Still Coach AND Dance


Wisconsin athletic director Barry Alvarez piloted the Badgers to an upset win over Auburn yesterday in the Outback Bowl after Gary Andersen unexpectedly bolted for Oregon State.

dads dancing

Dads Of America Dancing To ‘Uptown Funk’ Is Proof That A Man’s Rhythm Dies When He Turns 30


I can't say for certain where a man's rhythm goes when he turns 30, but one thing is for certain: it all disappears.


This Is Why Plumbers Shouldn’t Take Molly On The Job


I cannot say in earnest that I've ever looked at a plumber and thought to myself 'that looks like the kind of bro who loves to pop molly.


WV Man Dances So Hard To ‘Push It’ Everyone On The Dance Floor Gets Pregnant

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Who knew that the next great American dancer would hail from West Virginia.


Drunk Aussies Challenge Police To Dance Off, Nobody Gets Arrested, Fun Was Had By All


At the G-20 world summit in Brisbane, Australia recently the police presence was as thick as it's ever been.

michael jackson

Little Kid Absolutely Nails ‘Smooth Criminal’ Dance, Is On His Way To Becoming The Über Bro

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Years from now when this lil bro is standing on a stage as a frat pledge and forced to dance for a room of his peers as part of some charity dance marathon, he'll know he has what it takes.


You’ve Never Loved Anything As Much As This Child Loves Singing Birthday Cards


Typically I refuse to take dancing advice from an infant, but this kid's got moves.

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