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Marine Bro Brings Down the House with Incredible Dance Moves at the Marine Corps Ball

What. A. Boss. This Marine bro's swag is so off the charts, it's not even funny. I'm not sure why this viral gem has sat

The Best Bad Wedding Dancer Ever Knows How to Bust a Move

Speculate all you want about whatever substance this bridesmaid has imbibed before hitting the dance floor, but I love this girl's enthusiasm. Probably the closest

Watch an Old Dude with a Walker Get His Rave On

Get this guy a beer, ASAP. At Canada's "The Kee to Bala" music festival, this old dude in a walker got shredded while surrounded by

I Dare You to Find a Crazier Moonwalk

Double dare you, even. 

Dubstep Tapdancing Seems Legit

Back in March I posted a video of an Irish group gettin' their tap dance on to Major Lazer and Skrillex. Here's another

This Is What Tap Dancing to Major Lazer and Skrillex Looks Like

Woah. It's like Riverdance, except on molly.

Mr. Ghetto Has Another Video Called ‘The Lion King Bounce’

Remember our boy Mr. Ghetto of "Wal-Mart Bounce" video fame? He has a a new bounce music video called "The Lion King Bounce"

Watch Our Favorite Dubstep Dancer Move Like a FREAK to Burman’s ‘Take Me Away’

Hey, what do you know? Our old pal iGlide is back with another insane video of his gravity-defying dance moves, this time to

Watch That Amazing Dubstep Robot Dancer Move Like a FREAK On the Great Wall of China

Remember this guy, our old dubstep robot dancer friend who goes by the name "NonStop"? He's back, baby! And this time he's blowing

FTW: Drunk Dancer Cuts a Rug to Rick Astley at a Wedding

Best. Wedding. Dancer. Ever. Easily the best thing you'll watch all day, via Hot Clicks. The YouTube description says it all: "At my

Another Amazing Dubstep Robot Dance Video

Everyone seemed to enjoy Marquese “NONSTOP” Scott's robot dance to Foster The People’s ‘Pumped Up Kicks,' so here's his latest moves. Check him