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The Florida Gators Got Pretty Prancy Post-Practice

You know. Dancing.

This Police Officer Tried to Have a Dance-Off With Some Youths, Disgraced the Badge Instead

Harsh headline? Sure is.

Wisconsin Bro Has a Shirtless Dance-Off on the Football Field

As witnessed at the Wisconsin spring game this weekend. Get on this Bro's level...

Someone’s Grandmother Just Owned This Hot Chick in a Dance Off

No contest. Grandma took the W hands down, did it while wearing a tablecloth, too. 

I Can’t Stop Watching This Mountain Man School His Young Employees in a Dance-Off

John Griffith claims that his young employees taught him his absolutely breathtaking moves. 

Harvard Men’s Baseball and SMU Women’s Rowing Had a ‘Call Me Maybe’ Dance-Off on the ‘Today Show’

Slow news day over at NBC? Check. People still losing their minds over "Call Me Maybe?" Check. Have we begun to root for