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Matt Harvey Apologized for His Bizarre ‘Dan Patrick Show’ Appearance; Everything’s OK Now

Matt Harvey’s regrettable appearance on the Dan Patrick Show yesterday provided much merriment to the online community of sports nerds and caused lots of good

Bob Costas Has Some Thoughts on the Masters

Bob Costas will never work the Masters -- certainly not after he aired some strong opinions on the event on Dan Patrick’s show earlier today.

Erin Andrews Tells Dan Patrick Why She Left ESPN

The Queen of Sideline Reporting apparently made a pros and cons list like Ben Stiller in “Along Came Polly.” So that’s apparently sexy now.

Dan Patrick Thinks Rick Reilly Sucks at TV Just as Much as the Rest of Society

If you are one of the few who follow me on Twitter, you might be aware of my distaste for Rick Reilly's on-air commentary. Like Dan

Dan Patrick Felt Abused at ESPN and Was Scared To Leave

If you're ever looking for someone to intimidate/bully/shine your shoes/let you bang the decency out of his wife, Dan Patrick is as fine a choice