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Dan Blizerian and Jen Selter Got Together in Las Vegas, Took Awesome Ass-tagram

That's a picture of an ass. On Instagram.

Dan Bilzerian Tells Story Of His Two Heart Attacks, Which Were Obviously Caused by Hookers, Viagra and Blow

Just a casual story for this Tuesday morning about having two heart attacks amidst an attempt to fuck a hooker.

Dan Blizerian Gave His Friend $2,000 to Enter the World Series Of Poker — Guess How Much That Investment Returned?

Fuckin' Blizerian, man. Guy is living life the right way; firing porn stars off roofs, stacking cash effortlessly, and doing whatever else it is a

Watch Instagram King Dan Bilzerian Throw a Naked Chick Off a Roof and Miss the Pool Below

It was not supposed to go down this way. I don't think.

Dan Bilzerian and Hot Girls In Bikinis Shooting Guns? Dan Bilzerian and Hot Girls In Bikinis Shooting Guns!

I don't need to waste my time telling you a video of Dan Bilzerian and hot chicks shooting guns is something you should watch. The