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These Photos of Mayflies Invading Wisconsin Might Make You Shit Yo Fuckin’ Pants

Damn Nature, you scary.

Woah: Lion Catches an Antelope In Mid-Air with the Sickest Jump EVer

Doesn't get more badass than this. This lion just picked that poor antelope off in mid-air like it's an Eli Manning pass. Delicious!

Dash-Cam Captures Cop Getting Taken Out By a Falling Tree

If a tree falls in the middle of a traffic stop, does anyone hear it?

Insane Video Shows a Tornado Barreling Into Office Building in Italy

I didn't even know that tornadoes existed in Italy.

News Station In Tupelo, Mississippi Evacuates On Live-TV When a Tornado Slams Into the City

Absolutely terrifying. A television station in Tupelo, Mississippi was forced to evacuate when a tornado touched down in the middle of the city.

This is a Firenado, Which is a Fiery Tornado That Will Kill You Dead

Damn fire.

This Picture of a Massive Oarfish In California Will Make You Never Want to Go in the Ocean Again

I love the ocean. I love swimming in the ocean. It's super relaxing to me. But still, at the same time, it always manages to

Watch a Cute Bunny Be Released Into the Wild, Then NOOOOOOO


This Avalanche of Snow Falling from a Roof Looks Like a Ridiculously Hard ‘Guitar Hero’ Song

That "Dragonforce" song has got nothing on this. 

Want to See Two Giraffes Fight Each Other? Of Course You Do

Resisting all temptations to make a "neck and neck" joke. 

Elephant OWNS Crocodile After Croc Fronts Too Hard

Your daily dose of "wait for it..."