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The Dallas Cowboys Are the Perfect Subject for Taiwanese Animators

Respect the star.

Stupid Cowboys Fan Is Stupid Enough to Get a Tattoo Predicting the Cowboys Will Win the Super Bowl


Who Is This Woman and Why Is Her Face Pressed Against Jerry Jones’ Junk? (UPDATE)

What a cowboy.

The Dallas Cowboys Are Already Being Cocky Shitbags, Sending Out Playoff Tickets Before the Season Even Starts

Need a reason to hate the Dallas Cowboys BEFORE the NFL season even starts?

Conan O’Brien Played Video Games Poorly on AT&T Stadium’s Enormous Jumbotron


Here’s a Bunch of Bikini-Clad Dallas Cowboys’ Cheerleaders Using a Hula-Hoop with a GoPro on It

Why are you wasting your time reading these words. Click play! CLICK PLAY! 

Jerry Jones Owns the Dallas Cowboys, Infinite Sadness

If there's anything more enjoyable in the sporting world than watching the Dallas Cowboys lose, we are blissfully unaware of it. 

Gavin Escobar Pulls Off The Rare 360-to-Bernie Play

Apparently the Dallas Cowboys have a tight end not named Jason Witten. We learned that last night when Gavin Escobar caught a touchdown pass from

DeMarco Murray Just Fucking Leveled The Eagles’ Damion Square (GIF)

With his fucking head. 

Cowboys Now a Lock to Win Sunday: Tony Romo Declared Out for Season

Renowned filthy, cheating piece of shit Tony Romo, will not be able to be a piece of shit this Sunday. Or again this year.

Bro Wearing ‘Dallas Sucks’ Sweatshirt Gets Thrown Down the Stadium Steps By Redskins Security

The way this security guard threw this Redskins Bro made it seem like he thought there were ropes for him to come bouncing back off of so

The Redskins’ Chris Baker Has the New Best Celebration GIF on the Internet

Even if I wasn't a Redskins fan, I would still use this GIF all the time to send to people after a #WIN. 

The Bears’ Brandon Marshall Had the Block of the Year Last Night

The Chicago Bears worked the Dallas Cowboys in just about every way possible last night, winning 45-28.

Alshon Jeffery Makes Delightfully Entertaining Touchdown Grab During Televised Game

Alshon Jeffery is really, really good. So good, in fact, that he’s outshining teammate Brandon Marshall. A week after this nutty grab against Minnesota, the

5 Most Memorable Dallas Cowboys Thanksgiving Letdowns

In honor of nostalgia, let’s pretend your television only gets three channels in color, that there is only one nationally televised NFL matchup on per

Cowboys Defensive Tackle Jason Hatcher Posts a Bloody Instagram Photo with An Epic Caption

With the Giants falling to the Cowboys yesterday, Jason Pierre-Paul is forced to eat his words about the Giants defense "hunting" Tony Romo. Even better,

How Not to Play Professional Football, Demonstrated by Two Members of the Dallas Cowboys

Standing idly by while other people work hard is the kind of ethos that made America great. 

The Cowboys Are Playing The Saints Which Means Jerry Jones Drunk on Bourbon Street

Everyone has fun when they go to New Orleans.

Tony Romo is a Filthy, Cheating Piece of Shit

These past few weeks have seen approximately 2,230,591 puff pieces about how Tony Romo is not the reason the Cowboys lose. 

Dez Bryant’s Sideline ‘Rant’ Was Actually a Motivational Speech

After cameras caught Dez Bryant seemingly screaming at his coaches and teammates, the Cowboys' wide receiver insisted his talk was nothing but motivational. 

LeBron James Was Indecipherably Upset at the Cowboys’ Loss


Calvin Johnson and Dez Bryant Are Better at Football Than You (A Story in Two GIFs)

The two best wide receivers in football are going against each other and they are not disappointing. 

Watch Matt Stafford Unathletically Stumble and Fall After Throwing a Pick

Talk about adding insult to injury.

Eli Manning’s Hilarious Derp Face is Back

We waited over eight months for the glorious return of Eli Manning’s DERP face but it was worth it. The New York Giants quarterback displayed

Rob Ryan Gets Fired By Dallas Cowboys, Offers Up Tremendous Quote

Can you imagine what it must have been like to grow up in the Ryan household? Just a constant dick-measuring contest, I bet.

Here’s a Petition Begging for Barack Obama to Remove Jerry Jones as Head of the Dallas Cowboys

I signed it, so it’s only a matter of time until old Barry O. drops the Hammer of Thor on the Dallas franchise.

Jerry Jones Got Locked Out of the Dallas Cowboys’ Locker Room

Jerry Jones is a hands-on owner. Is “hands-on” the correct phrase or is it “overbearing egomaniac?” I can never keep those two straight.

Here’s Our Official Monday Night Football Drinking Game: Chicago vs. Dallas

Jay Cutler and the Chicago Bears take their talents to Dallas tonight for a matchup with the Cowboys. Not to turn you into a victim

Dallas Cowboys Fan Is Butthurt Because His Team Played Like the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday

It's hard times -- the last decade or so, that is -- for Cowboys fans. And this fan is sick of the emotional roller-coaster. One

DeMarco Murray Had a Crazy Run and Rob Ryan Yelled ‘F*ck Yeah!’ Last Night

The banged-up Cowboys pulled off a big 24-17 upset last over the Giants in the NFL season opener, thanks to a 307-yard passing performance from

Did Jerry Jones Make This Guy Wipe His Eyeglasses for Him?

I sure hope so, because if I was worth billions I'd do NOTHING for myself. The following guess on how the conversation went is to

Let’s Start This NFL Season Already with a Survivor and Wednesday Night Pick

If the last two seasons have proved anything, it's that anything can happen once you get to the playoffs. The Giants and the Packers both

Trust Me, You Should Let Rob Ryan Tell You About His Van

Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan is the proud owner of a 1999 Ford Conversion Econoline van. He shows it off in the most Rob

55-Year-Old Grandmother Auditions to Become a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader

Sharon Simmons is a GILF if we've ever seen one, there's no denying that. But is the 55-year-old, fitness model granny, worthy of a the

Video of Psycho Cowboys Fan Teaching his Son how to Burn a Tony Romo Jersey

On Sunday the Cowboys got beat by the Lions thanks to Romo's three interceptions (two of which were returned for touchdowns). Dallas held a 24-point

Jesse Holley Goes from Reality Show Winner to Overtime Hero for the Dallas Cowboys

Many of you know the movie "Invincible," starring Bro staple Mark Wahlberg as Vinny Papale, the Philly bartender and one time semi-pro football player who

Watch Big Red’s Epic, Angry Rant About the Suck-A$$ Dallas Cowboys and Jerry Jones

Have nine minutes to kill? How about listening to the epic, angry rant of YouTube celeb divalover159, who's quite pissed that America' team

VIDEO and GIF: DeSean Jackson’s Free Fall Touchdown Celebration Into the End Zone

The Philadelphia Eagles are now 9 and 4 after beating the Cowboys 30-27 on Sunday in Dallas Stadium. Here's a video and GIF of DeSean

VIDEO: Giants Fans Bloodied By Shirtless Cowboys Faithful in New Meadowlands Stadium Bleacher Brawl

Strange things happen when the lights go out in the swamps of northern New Jersey. For example, this wild bleacher brawl that broke out between

Dez Bryant’s Rookie Mistake Cost $54,896

Remember at the end of July when Cowboys rookie wide receiver Dez Bryant acted like an arrogant little b*tch and refused to carry Roy Williams'