Antoine Bethea Absolutely Destroys Dez Bryant


Might have to check Dez Bryant for whiplash after this crushing hit Antoine Bethea put on him in the first quarter of Sunday's Cowboys-Niners game.


Billboard Asks NFL Players For ‘Pre-Game Playlists’ And Their Musical Tastes Blow


Here comes my "one shining moment" in sports -- in my Senior year, my fraternity went undefeated in intramural flag football.


Remember When WWE Asked Michael Sam To Appear On ‘Raw’? Well They Don’t


Remember all the way back to yesterday when the WWE offered Michael Sam the opportunity appear on Raw next week.

Tony Romo twitter

Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys read mean tweets about themselves


Since everyone absolutely loves it when celebrities read mean tweets about themselves, the Dallas Cowboys took it upon themselves to go rogue without Jimmy Kimmel and read some on their own.

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