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Jon Stewart’s Report on the New York State Senate’s Yogurt Debate Will Make You Laugh

Good footage.

Watch Jon Stewart Take CNN To Task for Incessant Flight 370 Coverage

You might not believe this, but CNN is still beating the Flight 370 drum.

“The Daily Show” Explains Why Russia Produces So Many Insane Videos

In Russia, craziness finds you.

‘The Daily Show’ Hilariously Takes on the Miami Dolphins Bullying Fiasco

As with most sports "news" stories that don't actually take place on the field, you're probably really, really tired of the Richie Incognito-Jonathan Martin fiasco.

Watch a North Carolina GOP Leader Commit an All-Time Meltdown on ‘The Daily Show’

Last night, the Daily Show examined new voting laws in North Carolina (and elsewhere in the South), which some have called restrictive, while others, like

Royal Baby’s Arrival Sends ‘Daily Show’ Staff Into Drunken Bender

The Royal Baby was covered extensively by media. The public interest may not have been commiserate with the coverage. So what’s next now that the

Lewis Black and Other New Yorkers to Texas: ‘F*ck You’

Texas Governor Rick Perry has a campaign in which he tries to convince businesses from other states to take operations down to the Lonestar State.

‘The Daily Show’ Ripped Apart CNN Again Last Night for Its Bungled Boston Bombing Coverage

We could potentially make this a daily segment on BroBible: "Jon Stewart Eloquently Bashes Everyone at CNN Except Anderson Cooper." Last week brought one of

Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart Hilariously Cover Oprah’s Lance Armstrong Interview

Tomorrow the truth, or something like it, will come out of Lance Armstrong's mouth in his interview with Oprah Winfrey. Will it be a full

As Expected, Jon Stewart Had a Field Day With David Petraeus’ Resignation

It turns out, when Stewart interviewed Paula Broadwell (back in January) all the hints of an affair with David Petraeus were right under his nose,

Watch Larry David Narrate ‘The Daily Show’s’ Barack Obama Doc ‘It Could Have Been Worse’

Have you noticed that a lot of the messaging from the Democrats this election cycle has sounded a lot like a Larry David-esque "Eh, it

‘The Daily Show’ Broadcasts from Charlotte This Week, So North Carolina Got Sh*t on Last Night

It's only fair. Last week we featured Jon Stewart and company go to Tampa for the Republican National Convention and just tear Florida a new

‘The Daily Show’ Aired from Tampa Last Night, and Made Fun of Florida for 5 Minutes Straight

"The Daily Show" went down to Tampa yesterday for the start of the Republican National Convention, and even though the show actually aired in front

Jon Stewart Tries to Figure Out What He’s Allowed to Put in His Mouth

Jon Stewart has been frantically trying to figure out what New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s ridiculous large-drink ban means for him. With news that

Jon Stewart Takes On New York City’s ‘No Big Drinks’ Policy

Jon Stewart is just the guy to skewer zany political matters, so the ridiculous large-soda ban proposed by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg was

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert Announcing Dueling Marches on Washington for October 30

After hyping their announcements for two weeks, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert finally actually made their announcements last night: the Comedy Central late-night duo will